Topless In The Car

The idea of others seeing my wife naked is a real turn on for me. I have shared her pictures online many times; I have let others in the house see her nude pictures; and I have let one male friend see her naked in person.

This last weekend was an exciting first for us. We had a four hour car trip to make and we had made a deal that she would do what I wanted her to in the car. As we started off, she asked what I had planned for her. I told her she had a choice: she could be totally naked for part of the trip, or topless the entire trip.

At first she balked. She complained that she would be embarrassed if people saw her. As we drove toward the freeway, she pondered the situation. Finally she said she would go topless rather than totally nude.

As we drove down the entrance ramp, she unzipped the hoodie she was wearing. She pulled it back over her shoulders and slid it behind her. Sh wasn't wearing a bra, so her breasts were fully exposed. I looked over and was instantly hard.

We drive a smaller car, so passing a pickup or SUV would surely give the driver a view of her. There was no question a semi driver would be able to see her.

At first I stayed in the slow lane. I wasn't sure how she would feel about me passing vehicles. She realized that I was driving much slower than I usually did to stay in the slow lane. She looked at me and motioned to the pick up truck in front of us. "Don't drive slowly just so you don't pass the truck." I took this as my permission to let anyone who could, peep through the car window.

I passed that truck slowly and then I moved on to the next vehicle. Each time we passed a vehicle I got more excited. When we passed semi's I had her look up to confirm that the driver was checking her out.

My wife got more comfortable as we continued our journey. So much so, that at one rest stop (a rustic one with no one else at it when we stopped), she went from the car to the outhouse topless. Her top was still in the car, so even if someone else pulled in, she would have to come back to the car topless. Unfortunately, no one else arrived.

We drove through a couple of small towns on out journey, and my wife stayed topless. Although there is no climax with a bunch of people showing up at once and seeing her, it was very exciting for me to sort of parade her along the highway for four hours.

I did manage to get a few pictures, so If anyone is interested in seeing them, you can email me at

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Great story.

I love it when wife rides/drives topless.

i have many pics of my wife nude! And i would love to trade. Anyone with pics of their wife nude can also email me,

Sounds like a fun trip. My wife and i have enjoyed her being topless in the car many times. What a turn-on showing her off, when we drive up beside a truck with a guy looking down in to our car.