Exhibiting Thru Hotel Windows

I live in India and love to xhbit myself out of hotel windows to ladies in facing apartments. I travel frequently and have a list of favorite hotels. My favorite one allows me to expose myself to a ladies hostel and I have had many successful flashes. The one I count amongst my best is as follows
Late evening in twilight I notice a very attractive lady about 25-30 yrs old on the hostel terrace which faces my room and is barely 30-40 feet away. She is drying her hair. I take off my clothes, work up a slight erection, turn on the light in the room and then pretend to talk on a phone all the while looking on her direction. After some time she spots me but pretends not to have. I notice her glancing towards my room window. I keep coming to the window with a half erection. She looks my way and our eyes meet. I smile and notice a smile across her lips. She pulls out a mobile phone and talks on a call all the while pacing up and down the terrace towards my room and I do the same. On at least 4-5 occasions she and I face each other barely 30-40 feet and I am sure she can see the details of my ****. We oth get bolder looking more in each others direction. I then proceed to smell the precum dribbling from my **** and see her laughing to herself. She then starts touching her titis in an obvious attempt to **** tease. I then ********** in her full view and she watches me until I come. After a few more seconds she leaves the terrace. Nowadays I always ask for the same room and have flashed her quite repeatedly on my trips. She is an amazing voyeur and shows her reactions quite well
Tedanthrax Tedanthrax
36-40, M
Jun 10, 2012