Caught Naked Part 1: Daylight Tests

Me again ladies and men with a new old experience, an exciting one for me, the first time I got caught naked in public by a family member and also the first time I expose myself in broad daylight, this is after my First Time Naked I Public experience EP Link and years before my 5 Years Naked Adventure experience EP Link

At that time I was dating a girl call Anna, a blonde girl with tanned skin, 34 b (I guess) breasts and of course a completely shaved *****, she actually caught me the first time, ************ on the parking lot of the old building I used to live, she was the one that encourage me to take my exposition further to the streets (late night when the streets where almost deserted) exposing me to only some persons and then to really expose me on public (you can read the experience on EP), we kept in that way, every time my mom was on a trip, something that happens at least once a month, we go to a club, disco, bar, longue naked (we uses make up, high heels and jewelry so not properly naked) and normally finish giving a show on the place and ******* in the street

This go for a least 6 months and then I felt ready to go further on my exhibitionist experiences, TO DO IT ON BROAD DAYLIGHT, I didn’t feel ready enough to just walk through a street with tons of people already, so I returned to my roots (HAHA) and exposed myself around the building. Since my mom had travel since we were kids, my bro and I had to do all the housework: take out the trash, took the mail, do the laundry, clean the house, buy the groceries and even cook, anyway I was not interested in the things I do inside the house (at that time I already spend all the time inside my home naked) but in everything that means to go outside. At first I decided to try it when the chance that someone will be outside were too little, so I started to do it when it was raining, something frequent here in Mexico

Now let me bore you with some descriptions, this apt. complex had two buildings each one with 6 floors, 5 floors of apts. and in the last one the roof where people can do the laundry and where the gas, water and other things can be checked, also this building was really old, so it was very common that a fuse burn and had to change it, the fuse boxes where in one building, with the trashcans and the mail boxes, so the people in the other (where I lived) had to cross a little yard to the other building and walk to one of the two parking lots in the building, both of them facing the street

So as you can see, I had plenty opportunities to do some tests before the real walk, since I was always naked I didn’t have to bother to ***** to this little experiences, this was a lot like the first times I go naked outside, I was so nervous, my heart beating like crazy, my ***** getting so wet in minutes and me reacting to any single noise, at first I went to the roof to get costume to the rain (by the way I lived in the third floor so I have to go through 2 floors of apts. Before reaching the roof ) this took like 2 weeks before the cold water drops felt amazing in my hot naked body, and the wet feeling of the floor on my bare feet arouse me to the climax (now I just love it), up there I did the same routine always, I started letting the rain get me completely wet, and then lay on the floor and ********** till I came maybe 2 or 3 times, then my next chance appear almost by magic, I was entering my door after ************ on the roof and walking down the 2 floors, when I heard my bro curse
“What happen?” I asked while running to my room to get some clothes
“The light is gone, but the neighbor TV is on, so the problem is on the fuse box, my brother answered while getting everything he need to change the damaged fuse
I had just return from ************ down the rain, but I knew I couldn’t let this opportunity go
“You don’t have to go if you don’t want I go” I said to him, looking to his annoyed face
“You know how to change a fuse?” My bro asked me
“Yeah, sure” I quickly answered but in fact I didn’t
My bro looked at me with a suspicious look, but finally agreed and gave me the things I need to change it
“Fine, but put some pants on” he said and disappear to his room, I waited like 5 minutes to see if my bro came out, took off the old long shirt I was wearing and I was naked again, I rush to the door before my brain started to think in the fact that I was naked with my bro in the next room, anyway outside my mind went to idea that I have to go down 2 floors, walk through the little yard, to the other building and to the parking lot where the fuse boxes where very near the parking lot doors and with a big rain actually (I just get wet remembering this). I stood leaning on my door breathing heavily before I decided to take the first step away from my door, as I walked down the stairs, I could hear the people inside their houses and the heavy downpour outside, in some minutes the rain had become quite strong, I was standing on the edge of the little yard and the rain drops were already hitting my naked body, I took the first steps and I was already soaking wet from head to toes, I try to rush, but my body didn’t obey me, I was walking so normally, as if I was clothed and wasn’t raining

The walk through the other building first floor was completely uneventful, so it was the walk to the parking lot, since the heavy rain the parking lot was deserted, but the fuse boxes where very near the street, if someone pass by it will notice the naked girl for sure, as I reached the fuse boxes I had realize that something slipped my mind. My brother is very tall (6.40 or so) even I’m not small (5.57 or so) I still can reach the fuse box of our department, the rain was heavy and actually I started to feel really cold so I thought of backing out, but found some boxes that look firm enough to support my weight, so I grabbed, anyway that was just the first of my problems, at that time I was a pretty useless little girl and actually didn’t have any idea of what I was doing, so actually I was just standing there above some boxes and down the rain

“You have to put that little handle down” A male voice startled me, almost made me fell from the boxes, I turned and saw a man in his 30’s trying to open the big metal parking lot doors, I watched him open the doors and finally forget about his car outside and get near me
“Well, are you going to continue? “ he said and I proceed to do what he had told me, he was very close to me, his face was just inches of my breasts. I tried to keep calm as he told me what to do, in some moment I felt I was going to fall but he managed to grab me from my naked hips, don’t think wrong I wasn’t going to **** him and didn’t but this was getting me really excited, at last I managed to replace the fuse and the man help me go down the boxes, all this time the parking lot doors had been open to any curious onlooker but nothing had happen
I don’t know why but I stayed there watching him parking his car, he seems to have some kind of trouble trying to ignore me while parking his car, or at least it was taking him ages, after sometime he managed to park and went out of his car
“What about going the shortcut? Soon other people will also came around” He said while opening his umbrella, as if I would be scare to be seen, anyway I was really soaked from the rain, so the umbrella was very tempting, for the other hand the shortcut was to walk half block to the main entrance of the building, I think it’s obvious what was my decision, it was a very uneventful short walk, two cars pass but since he had placed himself between the street and me I guess they didn’t saw me, so we reached and he kindly opened the door for me, I entered say thanks and returned to my home, anyway since the floor was very slippery and I was soaking wet and barefoot (well completely naked) I had to move slowly to be sure not to fall, I reached my door and opened it as quietly as I could, as I walk to my bedroom I was very careful to hear what my brother was doing, anyway he didn’t hear me till I was already wrapping a towel around me and drying my head

“You took your time, everything alright?” My brother said showing on my door
“What?” I asked him, as I saw him with a strange look in his face (remember that at this time he had no idea that I was an exhibitionist
“Did you go naked?” Suddenly out of nowhere my bro asked me that, I felt my heart came out of my chest
“Yeah sure, and actually got the help of a neighbor” I said trying to sound sarcastic
“Ok, I know it sounded crazy” replied my bro and go back to his bedroom (crazy indeed)

After this I do some other naked walks to the other building in broad daylight and those were very eventful, once I had a full audience of 4 young boys as I again repair the fuse box, other as I walk a ball hit my feet followed by three boys very pleased to saw me, other time as I walked I heard behind me girly giggles but when I turned around they had gone, and once I got scolded by and old lady because she spot me while I returned from taking my mail, from the mail boxes, also once the guy that first ****** me (which it was in public by the way) once spotted me on his window, as I wander around the yard naked and since then sometimes I just went naked to the parking lot to chat and do some other stuff of course (yes I will talk about that eventually)

All of this were very exciting and nice experiences for me and let me very ready and anxious to do the big thing, to expose myself in broad daylight

I have to leave here, is already midnight here and I have school tomorrow

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