Showing You Me

I love exposing myself to my neighbour! Our windows are directly opposite each other and I keep my blind up.

At first when he first saw me I had got out the shower. It was only until I had dropped my towel by accident that I saw him looking at me, smiling.

It then became 'a thing' I love how it turned me on knowing he was watching. He's seen me get out bed naked, getting ready for work/evenings out etc.

We both get so turned on by this now that I've watched him standing there ******* off as I get undressed. The other night I stood there and started to touch myself, showing him. Incredible afternoon!

He's a lot older, about 65+ and that for me turns me on more!!
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28 Responses Jan 22, 2013

So hot, would be fun to see, lucky guy

Wonderful innocent fun for you - and you brought more than just a smile to him! What a kind neighbor you are! ;)

are you interested in moving ?

I wouldn't say no;) xxxx

How about in the next bedroom in my place.....sunny CA

Sounds perfect Hun! Xxxx

I was busy looking at your beautiful pictures. PM me a couple, if you want.....I really would love to taste you.

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Naughty girl

so naughty ;)

It is great just how turned on you get by the site of an older man watching you naked and also ************. Even better that the lucking older gentleman jacks off to you as well to show you his appreciation.

Older guys really turn me on and when I know he is watching, I know he's enjoying it, which makes me more horny xxxx

I am so glad it does! The fact that you like to ********** with an other man watching is wonderful. Great that it gets you so turned on and horny!!!!!

I would love to watch you..... I would love to taste you as well

<p>Have you 2 actually met? If not, you should make up some excuse to go over and meet him!</P>

sounds like a win/win situation. have fun with it. you are lucky to be able to have this kind of fun

Then I will be right up your alley, (pun intended) come visit with me in Miami, FL

Amy set up a webcam and put it in a special place so it looks like I am spying in on you 😋😋😋

I need to move home

Wonderful encounter!

I wish I could see your window mmm

OH very lucky for both of you, love it!

I so want to be your neighbor! So hot!

It's such a thrill to show to an audience. I've been seen by dozens of hotel maids, folks on webcam, follow nude beach and spa goers, and massage therapists. It just never gets old. Do you prefer to make it appear to be an accident or just flash?

I like it to appear as an 'accident' ;) xxxxx

Very Sexy

Would like to peek in your window ;-)

That owuld turn me on too! I woudl be ******* off as well watching yoru sexy young body with the perky **** and cut **** showing

I will be 69 in July and I know that watching you get out of the shower would make my **** hard as a rock.

I hope you'd be waiting xxxxxx

To see your beautiful body I would wait as long as I had to. When are you going to post somemore pix of yourself.

I wish i was your neighbor too! Thats hot!

Why can't *I* have a neighbor like you?!?! I'd make sure you saw me too, if you liked!

with all that ***** in you no pun intended well maybe. you are showing allot of heart as well as other parts to your neighbor and probably actually doing his heart some good too. I can only hope i will be blessed with a neighbor such as yourself when i hit my stride at 65. wow dinner and a show and smooth to boot it really doesn't get better than that:)

I love it when mutual nudity is enjoyed, my old neighbour used to watch me change in the morning and I would do the same to her in the evening our private peep show

Did you ever take pics or vids

Wont you be my neighbor? lol

wat if i started to watch u from a ladder lol

Lol, then there would be too much temptation to let you in! :) xxxx

give me ten minutes im away to get the ladder, lol

I've just got out the shower, drying my hair and there he was tonight:) I pretended I didn't see him and we'll let's just say he saw everything;) xxx

You may move in next to me any time. I would have a nice housewarming for you....