Public Tease

I like to tease guys; in fact I like it so much that my inappropriate behavior has turned even more devious. Just recently I began walking early in the morning down the streets and was getting off flashing my *** and giving guys a quick feel of my big *******.

The old guys really like it. When they see my big boobs the first thing they do is reach out and try to touch me. Secretly I love doing that for older men. I bet they don't get to see much at home...

I had these exhibitionist tendencies for as long as I can remember, but it wasn't until I started flashing guys outside that my little adventures turned into a lot more. After walking around for awhile and lifting my top or pulling my skirt up I was starting to get bored and thought I'd try an even more public place.  

I tried the music store and the guy who worked there was more than happy to find a disk for me. He was even more accommodating when I flashed him a *** and let him have a quick feel.
It's the touching that really gets me wet. The flashing is fun, but when guys start touching my sweet ****, that are when I really get excited.

By the time I left the music store my little ***** was beginning to purr. I had to have more. I went into a clothing store and with a devious little smile yanked my skirt up again so that my *** cheeks were exposed. I could feel my ***** getting more excited as I walked down the center aisle and could feel the eyes upon me.

All I had to do was bend over a little and my little skirt rode right up, revealing my tight tanned *** cheeks. I had to do something quick. I needed more attention. My ***** needed more attention. My body was demanding some hot action. I couldn't help myself. I needed to get ****** and I had to have it soon.

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ill help u in the dressing room

A Very hot story

Great Story!

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Its really exciting

the only time i was naked in a place outside i got 1st time i was skinny dipping i always liked being naked but wasnt always a got sight . i was swimming when i got out of the lake my clothes were gone so searched for them then a group of teen girls with a guy found me they laughed as the guy grabbed my arms out them behund me and lifted me the girls poked fun at my tiny penis i said it gets bigger and one girl called me onthat and started touching me i cam fast they let me called me baby **** and 2 pump chump.another time i was walking around my yard naked all my family was gone out well i was 15 or 16 then then as i walked around my 12 year sister and my 13 years cousin and my aunt came home and found my they laughedat me my cousin said is it suppose to be small mommy .my aunt said no he just has a small pee-pee then when i was 16 i stayed home from school sick my parents were at work i sleep naked well i awoke to noise and went to check it out as i went in the living room there stood my moms landlord and her neice who i went to school woth .they burst out laughing my moms land then said carl i didnt know you were home you can cover that lil thing up .they laughed again i didnt say anything so she then said ok dont coverup we can use the laugh.then again when i was 19 i went skinny dipping and a girl i liked saw me naked and i had shrinkage she told me to keep my incher away asshe laughed.i told her it was shrinkage .once when i was 26 i was sleeping naked and my friend tommy stopped by with his 2 teen age sister they found me sleeping they took pics and showed their friends with messages sayin g its so small,it is a 2 inch killer ,bald and small well i later told them it was shrinkage its really bigger that only got more laughs but i did wip it out its just over 6 inchs hard i told them they said ok we beleive you short stuff

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