Where Did This Word Come From

The word fart, where did it come from?  I like to hear a good fart!  I like fart jokes, I like to eat food the produces a good fart, like broccoli, asparagus, brown beans, in fact beans of any type can cause me to fart.  I farted the other day in a Wal-Mart store here, and my nephew, got blamed for it, and his mom slapped him on the butt, but then I told her i did it and then she slapped me for doing it.  We had a cat that would fart, and his name was pooter, poopter would come in my and my brother's room, andhe would sleep with me, and that' how sometimes I could poop in my pj's and not get caught, because i would blame the cat for the stinky room.  I had a Great Grandmmother, who when she would go to the grocery store would fart up and down the aisles, as if it was pushing her along.  Now, on TV, they have a elephant that farts as a ring-tone, and every time my grandmother and I heard it , we bot just look at each other and laugh.  We, have a woman were I go to church, that fart every now and then, and believe me they stink.  When, I was younger and in math class, there was this girl who would sit in front of me, and in those days the seats in school were, made of wood.  Well, math class was just after lunch, and i would eat beans and cornbread, or broccoli.  Well, this girl never knew what I was always up, too.  So, one day i was looking out the window, and as she bent over to pick a pencil off the floor, I let out the Biggest fart there was and the class broke out in laughter, that she got the blame and was sent to the principals office for disrupting the class, and causing the smell of a life time.  This girl was a girl friend at the time, but that ddn't stay that way after she came back, it took me to weeks to say, "I'm,sorry".

pepsiboy pepsiboy
46-50, M
Feb 23, 2010