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"Ducks Love Salmon Eggs"

   Some years ago, when I lived in San Francisco, a friend from New York came out for a visit/
She had been going through a rough time, and was extremely depressed.
   I asked her where she wanted to go or what she wanted to do.

   She said she didn't care....anywhere was fine

   I took her to Lake Merced,  which is actually two small lakes at the southern end of the city limits; next to Daly City,  where you can rent row-boats and go out on the lake and fish for trout.

   I rented us a boat.

   We got into the boat, and I started rowing .....she seemed bored, and still depressed as I rowed all the way to the far end of the lake.

   There were ducks on the ;lake, and she smiled when she saw them.

   Just then, I noticed a half empty jar of salmon eggs hidden near the bottom of the boat; obviously forgotten by a fisherman who had last rented the boat..

   I opened the jar, and the salmon eggs were, for the most part, all dried up,  having been sitting in the sun for probably a couple of days.

   I picked up a few of the dry salmon eggs and threw them toward some ducks, who were about 20 feet away.

   The ducks went down into the water and retrieved the salmon eggs, and seemed to enjoy them, because they quacked loudly and swam over to our boat.....then, other ducks flew over and landed near the boat, and I threw more salmon eggs into the water and they all went for them, quacking loudly.

   My friend was laughing, and told me to give her the jar, which I did.

   She threw salmon eggs out into the water and the ducks went after was a feeding frenzy.....more ducks flew over and landed near the boat..
   Within 5 minutes of my finding the sun baked jar of salmon eggs, we had 60 or 70 ducks swimming around the boat, all quacking loudly.

   They LOVED those salmon eggs; and we kept throwing them out to the ducks until the jar was empty...., which was only about 10 minutes later.

   My friend was laughing hysterically at the "feeding frenzy"......

   My friend wasn't depressed anymore;.. but the ducks were........they wanted more "salmon caviar"


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I used to feed the bread. They would come and take it right out of my hand.