Come Alive Every Day

In Victoria Moran’s book,  "Younger by the Day" she writes about way you can feel more alive and ways that make you feel tired and no energy. Here are my lists.
A part of me dies when I…
  • don’t take time to spend on my own, and hear the sound of silence
  • don’t water my relation with friends
  • interact with people that are pessimist
  • am too busy and don't stop to “say I love you kids
  • am not challenging myself
  • let fear stop me
  • eat to much sweet
  • don’t balance my life (work – family – friends)
  • act ungrateful
  • take things personal
  • assume instead of asking
  • get oversensitive
  • don’t sleep enough
  • don’t open my self to love again
I feel extraordinarily alive when I…
  • listen to the music I like
  • give myself time to be with me
  • plan ahead my agenda
  • help someone else
  • have deep conversations with friends or family
  • hug my kids
  • listen to my kids and help them if they need
  • good coffee in the morning
  • have many emails sent by friends
  • pet my dog
  • enjoy the beauty nature of my city
  • take a risk
  • stay creative
  • write
  • give thanks
  • travel
  • take care of myself
  • think that everything is possible
  • learn from someone
  • see my mother frequently
  • can offer a shoulder and ears to my friends
  • hear about my clients  and guests being happy
  • take care of myself
  • drink water instead of DC
  • my hands are full
  • dream
  • on top of things
  • smile and laugh loud
  • train my employees
What makes you feel alive?
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