More Pictures of Silly Signs

In my last story here, I posted a pic of a sign I’d seen which looked silly but really wasn’t.
One I remember seeing a few years ago was at a McDonald’s® advertising “rasberry” shakes. I told them at the window and called them, but they never changed it!
One I see now and then which is clearly an error but which raises some issues is a marquee advertising something on sale for, say, 99 cents, but they wrote it as “.99¢”! That is, ninety-nine-hundredths of a cent! Obviously, they meant either 99¢ or $.99. My question is, could they be held legally to selling it at the price shown?
The first picture shows one of those signs I discussed in my previous story.

The other was just too good to pass up, and i titled it unappealing sign.

Hope you laugh too!
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1 Response Dec 5, 2012

Yes, as a matter of fact, they could be legally forced to sell that item to you at the advertised price. If it says .99 cents, that's the price of the item, no matter whether they loose money nor if they intended to say 99 cents. This has been proven by the attorney general's office in every state in the union.

the next time i see one of those, i want to try it. of course, i would have to pay a whole cent since .99 cents is not possible. but i might order a hundred of them and give them a dollar.☻
i take it you meant “lose”.