I Have Two Signs I Have Taken Pics of In My Travles

If you are interested in funny signs... I have a location of one for you. It is in the state of Tennessee, in Chattanooga. I do not know the name of the road but it is on a street takes you up the side of Lookout MT. The sign says "Lippery When Wet" Sorry I do not have the ability to share the actual photo.

 Also I have a photo of a "Dead End" sign which would be insignificant except for the fact that behind this sigh is nothing but miles of empty dessert. Deffinatly made me think as I was standing there. I don't know where I was exactly. At the time I was travling across country, "dessert country", and being female and alone it was a sobering reminder of my location and the possiablities of danger.

JamieBTrue JamieBTrue
2 Responses Dec 22, 2008

This is made even funnier by the fact that you typed "Sigh" instead of "sign"... and other mis-spellings galore!

Was that sarcastic?

How about, in the middle of nowhere,A sign is by the side of the road pointing..."TO LAND!"