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Me and my wife are going away this weekend for a truck show. We will be spending saturday nightt at a hotel and really wanna try this. We're looking for the best way to pull off this dare with our getting in trouble or looking too ovious. We're hoping someone will be able to give us some good ideas.
kinkycouple56 kinkycouple56
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2 Responses Aug 3, 2010

I think wicedman is right, maybe she could have a towel and make believe she is drying her hair and can't see you while she is walking out naked, then she realizes someone is there when she lowers the towel...

As good an idea as any is for you to open the door yourself, and have your naked wife come into view in the background by "accident," then her pretend to be supprised, say something so that it's obvious to the guy that you know he has seen her. You then try to pay him, but don't have enough money, so call to your wife to bring you some more money. She then needs to reply that she is naked, so can't come, to wich you remind her that he has already seen her, so sh may as well bring you the money. We have used this, and variations on it to great effect many times, always with great success.