My Dd Freind

I drive about 45 minutes to home from the office each night. About half way I pass a Dunkin Doughnuts. I usually go thru the drive-thru and get a latte.  Most nights there is a really nice old man at the window. I would guess he is close to 70.  Most times I am the only one in line and we started to flirt innocently. As time went on he got more and more friendly. When I see him I am coming from the office so I am dressed very conservatively, dark suit mid calf skirt buttoned up blouse. One day last summer the air in my car was not working so I took off my jacket and partially unbuttoned my blouse. Not really showing much at all but much more then usual. Not even thinking about it I stopped at DD as usual and my drive thru guy was much friendlier then usual, chatting up a storm. I like him so I didn’t mind and I didn’t put it together until after I left. He was enjoying the show (even though it wasn’t much of a show it was more then he usually got from me).


The next day I had a loner from the dealer and the air worked so it was back to usual, but he was sill very flirty and friendly.


The next Friday I had a few drinks at lunch and probably shouldn’t have been driving, but I was and decided to do something nice for the old man. I took my jacket off and unbuttoned the 2 top buttons like before.  I realized that he couldn’t even see my cleavage at all but the ac was cold and my nipples were at attention. Judging by the reaction he liked what he saw, and to tell the truth it got me a little hot. Since then every Friday I give him a little show. Each week I opened another button till he had a great view of my bra. Then I started hiking up my skirt. to the point where he could see my garters and almost see my panties. Next I removed my bra before getting to DD but started the buttons at the top again, opening 1 button a week. I got to the point where he had full view of my **** with my blouse open to the waist and my garters. For some reason he stopped charging me for my Lattes. This went on for about a month until one day I was drinking again and when he handed me my latte I held his hand and put it on my boob. It was like an electric spark. From then on he would hand me my drink and if no one was in line he would play with my **** a little. I loved it.  This was the highlight of my week. Having an old man play with my **** in public and I don’t even know his name.


Well last week I got bad news. Saturday was to be his last day at DD. When he told me I almost cried. He said he would be there on Friday as usual. I told him Id like to take him out for a drink or something He got off about an hour after I usually passed thru. So we agreed I would come later on Friday then take him out for a drink. I wanted to make out last “drive thru date” special so before I left the office I put my bra and panties in my brief case. When I heard his voice in the drive thru speaker I fully opened my blouse and hiked my skirt up to my waist giving him a full view of my ***** framed by my garter belt. His eyes almost popped out of his head and I almost came right there. He played with my *** and I tried to put his hand on my ***** but he couldn’t reach. I parked and waited for him to be done. When he came out I asked if he wanted a drink or to go some place private. Buy this time I was ready to explode. With out answering he leaned over and started sucking my **** and fingering my *****. It didn’t take long for me to *** and *** and ***. I said lets go some place and ****. He said he couldn’t with out a little blue pill and he didn’t have any. I practilially begged him. I wanted his **** so bad. He gave in and we went to a day’s inn. As soon as we got into the room I knelt down and pulled down his pants. His **** was very large but very soft. I started to give the best blow job of my life but his **** didn’t respond. He said it felt great but I didn’t find it satisfying. After a while I ******** for him and undressed him and we lay on the bed. His hands and mouth were all over me and when his lips got to my ***** I was in heaven. I noticed his **** was starting to get hard while he was eating me(it was hanging in my face) I started to lick and suck it and eventually he started to have a real hard on, mean time I came multiple times from his tongue and lips. After about 25 minutes of this he rolls off me and says he wants to **** me. He didn’t have to ask twice. He climbed on and ****** me real slow for about half an hour. I was in heaven. When he finally came he wasn’t like most men, he didn’t spurt, It just sort of poured out. We both fell asleep and I woke up about 3am and his soft **** was still inside me. I tried to get him hard again but couldn’t. He said I was his first ***** in over ten years. In the morning I drove him back to DD for his last day of work.   


Driving home from work this week has not been the same, and Friday will be a real downer but I’m glad our last date was so memorable.

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fabulous me dear, erotic and thrilling. A very lucky man !!

Beautiful story. I'd love a young woman do that for me!

Maybee DD is hireing

Maybe I could just drop by with donuts...

What a nice girl, I know you really made that old man feel young again.

It made me feal great to I looked forward to our meetings

dam. really HOT story. you'll just have to find a new drive-thru friend to play with

Sorry to hear that but if i can help let me now .