LOVE to Flirt

I love to flirt, love to try my charm, turning it off and on...I love the subtle innuendos..the sneaky looks...the accidental but totally meant touches...

I would only feel satisfied till I capture guys with one look...if Chiyo can do it, I can. (see "Memoirs of a Geisha" for reference)

too bad I have no one to practice on..too bad

Harmonyyy Harmonyyy
18-21, F
66 Responses Dec 9, 2007

try me

meet you there

right you are

and you said you just liked flowers...*shakes head* lol<br />
<br />
not backing out by far...gemini's never back down, right harmony? :D

you're talking to a Gemini here, boy... no domination... see how your 3rd battery needs lot of help there, so you got 2 spare

yeah, bring it on kink

oh dustin *shakes head* little do you know what i'm capable name is 'kinky' flower for a reason you know ;)

kink.. we're in this together... we agreed to teach him not to mess up with Gemini's... play along :D

well it "blows" on the spot... the beat gets soooo slow then sooo fast then silence and it starts all over again... it's hard and oh so smoothe.. beat that!

maybe i should let you two play by yourselves? ;) getting pretty deep in here if ya ask me lol

you do something , BOY...<br />
back up the big talk...

it slow.. got a beat... and very sexy... match that... or I'll get bored

just b/c we can be sneaky and oh so devilish huh? i can't believe you would think you'd have to be careful with us....we're all good ;)

start proving your point boy

I agree there kink

waiting... and got the right playlist for it... with the music on... you need to do so let's see

that's some pretty big talk there boy ;) you better be sure you can back that up lol

subtlety? i can be pretty good at that lol


ok...bring it on

yeah, just how good? :D

I like it subtle coz it's more fun... not coz I'm scared...<br />
Subtlety is an art...only few can master

mmmm....just how GOOD are you? :D

why yes harmony, i have noticed lol it freaking rocks!! :)<br />
<br />
yeah, BOY? ;)

kink, have u noticed how we're so alike... we even said the same thing to I'm so glad I found you... finally, someone to talk to that boy thinking we're scared...what did u just say, BOY?

break time metal?? <br />
<br />
i'm not even gonna start lol

wrong about gemini's not being able to handle the aries...we can handle anyone :D<br />
<br />
not scared one damn bit boy ;)

damn, i must take too long to type my comments or something...always so many more to read lol

lol metal...why are you still here if tia has a better thing to be doing? ;) lol<br />
<br />
dustin you are oh so very wrong! lol

I thought so,<br />
<br />
but if she's that busy, how come you're not so busy yourself?

well, it takes more time when it starts all subtle...and it's more fun too...

what exactly can you do with your mouth dustin? ;)

mmmmmmm... that's too straight forward...<br />
I want subtle innuendos :D

you start kink :)

being a 'twin' (aka gemini sign) means we have a dual personality, or more lol....maybe you should just read my gemini story lol

Being a Gemini means being extremely flirty and having a million you have like 12 extremely flirty women here :D

perhaps tia had something ELSE to do :D<br />
<br />
tia really isn't shy tho lol<br />
<br />
he doesn't know what being a gemini means harmony...we def need to clue him in ;)

Bring it on, boy...<br />
<br />
yeah Tia is a bit shy,lol<br />
<br />
I'm ready

and now we're both on the Extremely flirty mood...let's see if you can handle this... I know we can

i think tia's gone btw :)

she's right lol....and harmony and i are BOTH don't know what you're messing with boy ;)

never challenge a Gemini...never dare a Gemini to I not right kink? looooool

and look here, he's not scared... come on kink...<br />
<br />
is Tia here?

uh oh! you're really asking for it dustin!! that's a challenge if i ever heard one ;)

lol... I pity him already

yay ur back :) i was beginning to think you got scared of all us women :)

lol...yes...we're like.... I don't know...4 or something lol

someone was starting to flirt with you kink...he flew away too soon one told me you switched threads lol...I'm here

it's tia's fault she said the word head first (a big whine and foot stomp)...LOL

oh we go again!! lol

oh crushing metal's head!!!

Metal - are you following us? I'm glad you are maybe you can help me keep tia and kinky out of trouble on this thread ;)


what exactly is my nature tia? :D<br />
<br />
and yes Red, we ARE having a lot of fun 2nite!

Wow..that didt take much to scare him off..he wasnt worthy of you kinky - if he left that soon!

You Girls are just having to much fun... guys scared him off!! lol<br />
<br />
they don't know snow! (hey that rhymed lol) i try to keep a low profile u know :D

Shhh... I think they may know..LOL

MAN!! can't let ALL the boys know how bad i guys are gonna get me in trouble or something here! lol

ok Kinky I heard that comment regarding the word 'head' are so bad!!

there's more than us...quite a few of us in a different thread lol<br />
<br />
what's wrong with being in trouble? trouble can be good ;)

oh you know....for some reason, people just think dirty thoughts when the word 'head' is mentioned :D i have NO idea why ;)

well, i think you found us ;)<br />
<br />
not much...just hanging out....talking about having a dirty ming...right harmony?? where is that girl now?? lol

hey dustin ;) what ya UP to tonight lol

i am with you 100% on this one girl! LOVE to flirt!! :D