Flirting Is A Natural Thing

Flirting is just a part of having a big personality.  For some, it comes very naturally, for others it's a little harder and for most completely impossible.  It can be so terrifying for some people that it's right up there with going to the dentist or speaking publicly.
I was with a friend once, having coffee at my home when a man knocked on the door.  He was young, good looking and selling something door to door.  I behaved around him as I would have behaved around anyone - I gave him heaps (as we say down under) or in other words, I teased the living daylights out of him.  You see, he'd ripped his trousers and had his hand over his arse and was terribly embarrassed about it.  I just used my personality and brought up every sexual inuendo I could until he was laughing and feeling completely at ease.  He made my friend and I promise not to look as he backed down my driveway, one hand over the large rip in his pants.
When he'd gone my friend turned to me and said: "HOW did you do that?" To which I replied "What?" But according to my friend I had this guy "eating out of my hand" and she could no sooner have done it than fly to the moon.  The thing is, I am an overweight married 30something with 3 kids and my friend, attractive, slender and younger than me struggles to find her soulmate due to her fear of social situations. 
I didn't think I was 'flirting' with the man, per se, but in retrospect I suppose I was.  But it came as quite a surprize to me, like a defining moment or something - hey I'm a natural flirt!  Never had I realised it before. 
SInce then I've embraced it and run with it.  It's a part of my larger-than-life personality to go with my larger-than-life physical appearance.  Love me, hate me, I am what I am.  I could no sooner cut it out than my friend could suddenly start doing it - I will always flirt!
I think part of our growing up and learning who we are is accepting things about ourselves that we might once have found unsavoury.  Being a flirt is nothing to me now, a few years ago I might have found that knowledge intimidating.  Where possible, you should always just embrace these things and learn how to fit them into your daily life.  You can't change them, you might as well try and find the good in them.
My "winning personality" has gained me friends and even gotten me jobs - it is a blessing and a joy and makes people feel good to be around me. I love being a flirt!
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3 Responses Jul 11, 2010

you make me smile every day.....thanks

Seeing that he was trying to cover up, most people would have probably took that as an opportunity to knock the guy down and make him feel really bad about himself. But you seem like a really nice person for making the guy feel at ease instead of making him regret he even came by wearing those pants.. You're cool for that!

That's the thing! I love making a man feel good about himself! I'm always astounded by women who degrade their men and make fun of them publicly, I want to shake them and say: "For god's sake woman, bump him up, don't knock him down!!" It's just common sense really isn't it? If people feel good around you, they want to be around you. <br />
Men are so cool! Seeing them smile and feel all manly is about as sexy as it gets so any time I can bring about that reaction in a guy - I'm happy to oblige. <br />
Thanks for the feedback Ivo13, hope someone makes you feel good today.