It Keeps Your Mind Sharp...

And prevents you from letting your body go to complete waste. Also, it's fun, exciting and incredibly hot. Um, maybe that one should have come first.
hellosailor hellosailor
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6 Responses Oct 13, 2006

Obviously if you're in a committed relationship it can be a little tricky, at least, if flirting with others! Me and my partner love to role play and that's really fun if you're pretending you've only just met, and very healthy! However if flirting with others in public I make sure I'm keeping it 'low key', at least to a point and as said, not singling out!

You make it sound like exercise.
And excercise I am allergic to.
When I do it I get all out of breath and sore.
My body tempature rises and I start to perspire
My joints start to ache as though they are on fire.
I am all outta breath
Gotta sit down. Whew!

Maybe I need to start flirting more.

lol funny!!!!!

oh yes, flirting is so much fun and it really keeps you on........does wonders for your self esteem and ofcourse its the fun of a chase..........such a turn on for mind and body


GOSh isnt it just difficult to NOT do ittt ! ! !! ...I mean i do understand you.... <br />
It gets in the way though, for a committed relationship ...atleast for me..