It Gives Me Warm Fuzzy Feelings

Well, warm fuzzy adult feelings. :P

And it's insanely fun. And it lowers cholesterol and blood pressure and makes your whites whiter and your colors brighter and kids more well behaved. I think.

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13 Responses Oct 16, 2006

I like flirting too. I can't really help myself. But when I do it, it's not because I like that safe feeling of flirting, it's because I just can't contain my physical feelings for that person. If I'm flirting, it's normally because i just want to take them home as soon as possible and love them. Although, that's rare as many people flirt just to flirt. Which are you?

Its fun. I know. She knows. Nothing that can hurt. Simple harmless fun. :-) Everyone is happy.

I enjoy the intimate flirting, It keeps you feeling good inside, and best of all it's harmless.

i love it. I'm a flirt %100

funny! loved it!

Makes your kids behave eh? Do they sell that in a pill form? lol

I agree wholeheartedly. Just one little comment esp if its more risque makes my whole world better.

Agree with GH but am ashamed to admit it and am blushing intently.

We sure you are talking about flirting and not what **** after :-P

it's all for the kids, I swear!

Love it. Thanks.

i like bright colors

And it certainly does make everything "ok" for a bit. And hey, if its a running flirting then you have a neat little 'thing' to look forward to right?