Love to Flirt, Love to Love, Love to Please

I Love to Flirt, Love to Love, Love to Please. To me, it is all almost the same. It boils down to getting pleasure mainly from pleasing the subject of your adoration. And that could be anyone, just by surprise.

I love it, it thrills me, it energizes me. 
HedonistGuy HedonistGuy
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9 Responses Oct 20, 2006

Yeah, its so fun :)

I second this statement.

Me too! Love to Please, Love in every ways.

Yes, a great pleasure of mine is pleasing women orally.

even just on facebook it can be a great turn on if its mutual erotic dangerous and innocent all together

love to flirt too. story gave me chiills.


i love to flirt you can just talk without all the pressure

i like nothing better than a wee flirt when out socialising,i think its healthy it passes the time and its a good way to break the boring to sit with the usual also slows down the drinking ,if i dont flirt say out with partner then i drink more,strange or what.

Thanks for the comment popsie, and true to my love to Flirt: I love your pussycat eyes..

i love it, too. sometimes i feel like it's the only way i know how to interact with someone. poses a problem when you're in a relationship, though.

yup, me too.... it somehow lift u up and the other person too...