World's Worst Flirter. It Worked.

I attended a hospital fund raiser yesterday, a Sunday, with the general manager of the resort where I work, not too pleased that it was a normal day off and just a few ticks short of a hundred degrees outside. The sticky, hot weather was not conducive to anything except air conditioning or the beach. When I suggested to the GM that if he was looking for someone more than half his age to accompany him to a public event and should have called an escort service he wittily responded, "... you were much cheaper."

Hundreds of folks from organizations and companies trying to outdo each other but all for a good cause: defraying the cost of a new cardiovascular wing with double the beds, the staff and the latest equipment and technology. I tiptoed away from the shake and grin routine, a bit tipsy from drinking a couple of gin and tonics too quickly, sat on a bench in the shade, and was approached by a fellow who looked around my age or some more (I'm 25), a couple inches north of six feet, handsome enough and a good physical presence.

"Hi!" he said, looking down at me. He was dressed too casually for this group. An outsider of sorts.

And then silence.... a good 20 seconds of silence as he looked at me.

"Is there more than a 'hello' from you," I asked. "Oh, um, yeah, there is, um.....", and another 15 somewhat awkward seconds of empty space and his stare. "My name is Robert, pleased to meet you." He stuck out his hand. Again, not smooth. I shook it, helped myself up with the extended arm, and with untypical grace solved the issue which would have otherwise wilted in the heat. "Robert, I'm Katie. Let's get me a diet coke and sit down in the a/c somewhere."

The ice was somewhat broken. He spoke with enthusiasm and energy in sentences without periods or other punctuation.... and was charming in a schoolboy way. He asked about me and what I did and was seemingly happy when I was. He knew about my work, what I liked to do, my family, even the EP adventures. Only then did he tell me about himself. Cardiology resident at the hospital... works 70-80 hours a week on six-day, 12-hour shifts ("doesn't give you much time to take me out for coffee," I joked... and he blushed hard.) and thrilled with what he does.... born and raised in the same home state as me... and a good guy. Introduced me to the department head, a cad for sure, who embarrassed Dr. M. further, "Robert, your taste in women exceeds your medical skills."

Just one of those days where things worked out. Eventually. And finally enough courage to ask for my phone number.
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Gosh, I hope this isn't a piece from your most recent novel. I sincerely hope that magic like this actually happens in the real world.

Happy to report we've been married for 13 months.

How does he feel about you wearing your Wicked Weasel to a public beach?

I hope you have a long and happy marriage.

Thank you Sir. I'm engaged to him.

Sometimes the good does finish first. Good to know.

OK i got it, you know I had read this before but somehow I hadn't registered it. Gotta love love don't you!

Aww, what a wonderful how-we-met story! I wish you two the best (I can identify for sure--my boyfriend was shy as heck when I met him!) and I'm sure you will have fun telling new friends (and perhaps new family members?) how you entered into each others' lives. :)

On behalf of all us tongue-tied males, we thank you.

'a good guy' bit stuck out. That's what matters.

I'm now engaged to him. The timidity was part of the grand plot.

Oh, another one of the good ones off the market. Darn.

Yay, Katie! :) I may be late to the congrats party, but how goes it a few months in now?

finally had time to READ for an afternoon. Two thumbs up :)

Great story, and glad to hear it has a happy ending. And congratulations<br />
<br />
I can identify with the poor guy, its not easy for some of us to approach girls!

and tell...are you still seeing this guy? lol

Why just seconds ago. We got engaged Christmas Eve.

This was amazing! <br />
<br />
I love how you combine everything to make it so real! I could feel the sun burning the back of my neck! Your writing is very good, but I have to agree with "Milky" - those phrases were a bit confusing...<br />
<br />
The experience must have been wonderful for you, and you seem to have handled yourself perfectly! I hope you guys finally got that coffee?

I was never any good at witty pickup lines, generally hi my name is was good enough. I played in rock and roll bands for 20 years and met lots of people. Some of my band mates could come up with some of the corneist crap sometimes it worked. I would have been to imbearesd to use such crap.

Well done, you.<br />
<br />
I love your storytelling here. I won't make the obvious jokes that this was an incredibly hot story (the weather references made me warm all over, I could actually feel the sweat on your skin from your evocative desc<x>riptions, etc.) but simply comment on your sentence construction in two places. You made me read and read and read these again before I got them, and then I really admired how you put them together:<br />
<br />
"He asked about me and what I did and was seemingly happy when I was."<br />
"Cardiology resident at the hospital... works 70-80 hours a week on six-day, 12-hour shifts ("doesn't give you much time to take me out for coffee," I joked... and he blushed hard.) and thrilled with what he does.... "<br />
<br />
Katie, you make me work a bit as your reader, but it's well worth the effort. Because it's necessary to understand the deceptively simple words you've written and fully appreciate the complexity of your thoughts. Thanks for the gift of your tale.<br />
<br />
Love,<br />

OMG M, thanks for the compliment. You know what I think about your tales and your writing (and you're a Yank!). Fast forward: Greatest first date this past Friday.

You'll have to give me the details Katie! Email me and I'll make some popcorn for us

For what could have been an entirely awful day, this turned out pretty well, and you definitely made this young doctor's day, maybe week, maybe...<br />
<br />
A genuinely insightful and well-told tale of human interaction.

Don't you just love the male mind? Good post. Thanks for sharing it with us today.

You told him about your EP adventures?

That is so cool. I remember my younger days, I would never had approached for fear of seeming like a duffus. Good to see you met a quality guy. good luck. Oh...Your boss is a bit of a jerk! lol

Wow, how hard it is to talk to a beautiful woman. I know it's not hard for me. But good thing you were able to get him to talk a bit.