Funny, While I Don't Flirt A Whole Lot I Definitely Appreciate The Moments I Do Have Involving Flirting..

today i was in a store and i was returning the keys from the loo. i saw this really attractive girl and she caught my gaze. and then we both sort of looked away for a split second but they looked up again and i asked nervously "Um, I'm just returning the keys" and i handed them out to her "Here". "Ah" she said. and we were both like really awkward about it but she flashed smile at me relaxedly and so i relaxed too and smiled back cheerfully. I turned to go find my friend in the little food store and as i went to go looking, i thought about how cute she was. She really was! I love little moments like that! :)
593virgo 593virgo
18-21, F
Jun 27, 2011