I Like To Flirt

I like to flirt -
I'm a flirt -
I know this -
I also like peoples Respect !!
maybe I should not write the story I do.
I do not judge others and
Do not like to be judge,

Remember my remove button works also,
I will give changes but I will also
Remove you !!
CMA1234 CMA1234
46-50, F
8 Responses Nov 25, 2011

Guess flirting is what we are about here! Fun, titilating and safe. We can write bravely without consequences. Ed

Flirting is like verbal volley ball. Back and forth ! Good , intelligent mutual flirting can be great foreplay or just a great way to kill some time and put a smile on your face and a little soring in your step. ive found that intelligent women , like you babe , make the best flirters. wink !

Flirting is fun, mentally and physically arousing for both you and the intended party. Knowing when its gone farther than you're comfortable with is the challenge. How is your intuition?

I think my intuition is pretty good

More than fair.

I think it is fair to give a little warning

Wink, wink! Flirting is fun!

yes it is

respect evrybody its good feeling...and I'm a flirt %100

Yes, Everybody deserve a little respcet

more than a little....

Love honesty.

Thank you

I give you respect out of true honor. If a person does not have honor they cannot give respect.

Thank you

Sure no problem.