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Harmless Flirtation Never Hurt Anyone, Did It?

Maybe only by a jealous spouse?  But flirtation is easier to control that going up to a strange woman (aren't they all?) and complimenting her lips or other parts of her body.  That could get you slapped or maybe worse.  But a smile with a kind of a look says much the same thing.  It can build the flirtee's ego.  I think I'm going to flirt with wrinkled old ladies to give them something to smile about!

dorobo dorobo 70+, M 6 Responses Apr 8, 2008

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I agree that this site and other seem to promote saying what you think and so someone can get hurt. Thanks for reminding us.

Yes, sometimes flirting can hurt people if you step over the line. There is a fine line and you need to know where it is with that person!<br />
<br />
I been hurt by someone flirting...where it went to flirting to asking me very very personal questions! <br />
That right there....that person needs someone to kick his butt!<br />
Thats not flirting to me!

If they don't they may pour a drink on your head. <br />
Chances must be taken!

Hmm. Gues I'm lucky I'm not back in CA? just kidding.

I can't believe that about you! Really. Hey, you're so cute that all you had to do was turn your head in someone's direction (male hopefully) for them to think you might be interested (we men tend to think highly of ourselves...misquided though we sometimes are).

Well, I was just kidding. I once asked a couple of my staff, pretty young women, to experiment and smile at people they passed on the street. They came back from lunch laughing. One old man's eyes popped when they smiled at him and he ran across to the other side of the street to get away! lol What on earth did he think they'd do to him?