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I Do It Without Realizing It

I don't know at what age I developed a fondness for flirting but it surprises me when friends ask me why I flirt so often with guys I just met. This is going to sound odd but I don't consciously flirt with the opposite sex. Most of the time, I'm just more friendly than usual but that's because I like enjoy being in the presence of guys in general. I guess you could say I smile more often, giggle like a little girl, and give them a soft punch in the arm if they're teasing me. According to my best friend I also blush frequently, bat my eyelashes incessantly, and play with my hair more around guys. I don't even notice or realize it until they walk away. What's disappointing is that if I happen to like a guy for real, I'd be as dumb as a rock around him. I wouldn't say anything or even make eye contact with him for fear of saying something embarrassing.
yujinxiang317 yujinxiang317 22-25, F 3 Responses Mar 2, 2012

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Wow, are you like my long lost twin lol jk Thats incredible how I know exactlyl what your talking about. Do you have more guys friends than girls? I do not because I don't like girls it's just easier being friends with guys in my eyes and plus sometimes I get mistaken a lot for being "interested" when I'm generally not. I get that I lead people on but I NEVER intentionally do so. I just love to flirt its fun and innocent and just like you said I do it without even noticing that I do that. Sooo weirdd lol Well your def not the only one girl =)

Lol, yes more like long lost cousins haha jk. Well, I definitely have more girl friends than guy friends but I'm the same like you in the way I prefer talking/hanging out with guys more than I do with girls. Guys are usually super chill and don't judge that easily. And you can afford to be really straightforward with them w/o coming off like a *****. I'm a little disappointed though, most of my guy friends wanted more than friendship with me, but because I didn't feel the same way, I rejected their advances. Now, it's kind of awkward.

Some people do flirt naturally. I do too

I didn't know anyone else was like this.. I'm a 17 year old guy, and I'm called a flirt all of the time, and I never actually mean to be! Whenever I have a girlfriend, they always get annoyed with me, because they think I'm flirting with other girls, but I'm just really friendly! I don't mean to be, or even notice it. All of my friends, girlfriend(s)(that's past and present, not a cheater! haha), family, everyone ALL say I'm a flirt when I really don't try to be! It's just something I naturally do, I suppose! Really glad I know I'm not the only one now haha

Well, I only act really flirtatious when I'm single. If attached, I tend to be more platonic with guys in general. You sound like you are a ladies' man...i hope your gf is not the jealous type.

I flirt with girls all the time, single or not supposedly.. I don't even notice it! That's always a good way to be though, you don't make any guys jealous. I've been called that multiple times... haha but she can be sadly.. lol