End Result Of Flirtation?

In my opinion, the end result of flirtation isn't necessarily all sexual. Just pure and simple flirting can have an impact on someone's confidence similar to that of a compliment.

The other day I was in a store looking at purchasing a couch and the manager of this store wasn't particularly attractive, but damn did she not have the best personality. I can come across as rather charming at times, but it's actually a misnomer because my intentions are pure - I simply was interested to learn about this person, not to get them in the sack nor to go on a date with them nor to get their telephone number.

Well, the next day rolls around and this manager was not working that particular day, but another woman at the store was joking with me saying that her boss and I were flirting. So apparently she became smitten with me (for whatever reason b/c I'm just a regular dude) and my kindness somehow came across as intent lol She apparently felt like a million bucks after our conversation. Will be interesting to see what happens when I go to pick up my couch tomorrow.

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So did you get a great deal on the couch? ;-) I agree, flirting can make you feel like a million bucks!

Give Me a million bucks and I will flirt with u for a full year;-) I can also do it for free just for u lol


I love to flirt and my wife enjoys it too. when we go out we both flirt with the waitress or she will flirt with the waiter. This has helped us get a little extra good service. Sometimes people need to be complimented on their looks or how well they are doing their job. Not that you want to bed them down just lift them up for awhile. And i makes us feel good to knowing that they were receptive.

lol thanks for the comment. I've gotten in some trouble flirting myself with my SO other :D

test the couch first, before removal? giggles!!!!

hahaha perhaps so. Love your name btw - that's awesome!

I love to flirt.... and have recently begun to flirt with people for the sake of flirting and it is fun!....BUT....I do like there to be an end result...otherwise I feel...it is wasted...part of the fun of flirting is the anticipation...of what is to come ..So I can see it both ways .....just my thoughts! :)

What?!....NOOOOOO...dont you give me crap! lol I said I see it both ways ...SEE! :)

Being 69 plus and thinking about flirting I think of a line for the movie about Navy Seals.<br />
"At some point you are no longer considered dangerous." :-)<br />
<br />
I am amazed and apprecitive of every little kindness I receive. If it's someone I'm dealing with for 45 seconds to three minutes at a counter, my flirtatios remark is ba<x>sed on hating to leave someone who is warm and caring. It's "I have no excuss to talk to you any further, so I guess I better move on." :-)

Great little story....I just have a hard time believing that you can be charming....c'mon now...who do you think you're talking to???? <br />
<br />
just kidding, of course...

Could'nt agree more. A wee bit harmless flirting can help brighten someones day. And it makes the World go round.

Glad to see that others like to give compliments........ I have been holding back cause everyone seems so uptight and I was worried that I might offend someone.<br />
I see women all the time that I would just like to say you have beautiful hair, a great smile or some such non-sense but I usually hold back.<br />
I did tell a woman in the grocery line line the other day she had pretty hair and it seemed to please her. We struck up an interesting conversation and it felt good.<br />
Maybe I'll have to go for it more............

I'm friendly, but for some reason feel so uncomfortable with flirting.....@ work many of the men like to flirt which i appeased a bit, but secretly hate it. I guess I'm afraid they maybe serious but I also don't want to bruise anyone's ego.

nothing ventured,,nothing gained.

I feel these OTHER people are always responsible for making LIFE difficult, but one must always listen to own heart and judgement.

I think it's more powerful than a compliment. Compliments are limited to the superficial or immediate. But flirting makes the person feel desirable and attractive. I flirted with my wife perfusely back in freshman english class. That made enough of an impact that after 23 years, that girl came looking for me. We're now married for almost 8 years.

Wow what a cool story JAG - appreciate the comment! Funny how we tend to make circles in our lives as the old flames come back into our lives.

It took her previous millionaire husband to decide he wanted to pursue his affair with a coworker, and an ensuing boyfriend, whom she had dated once before, that started cheating on her, to realize maybe I was the best catch after all. Thank God for 20 year reunions.

Flirting can be an icebreaker and gets you special treatment. Recently, I needed to make copies of a legal document and I was no where near facilities which I would normally use. So I went to Staples, and a lovely gay woman took my order. I had never done this, so I had no idea how it worked. She gave me the copies and said thank you. I said to the young lady, " Surely there is a charge even though I am pretty". She blushed, I smiled and paid $1.10. What I found out later from my mother, who scolded me, that she should have charged $10.10 for the copies.<br />
<br />
Yes to flirting!! I made her day and I got a discount

lol funny story. Thanks for sharing Antoinette.

Flirting is a lot of fun, and although it doesn't always have to be about sex, there is definately an attraction to it. I find it is the eye contact and the chemistry that makes the difference between flirting and just being nice.

I subscribe to the same thinking as you Blue. I don't see it as a sexual thing, nor as a way to "get what I want". I think a lot of people do use it to get their intended result however and that is disappointing because it's fake. Appreciate the comment.

Hmm... I guess that would depend on what the indended result is...

Flirting is an innocent "rush"..... it's very healthy :-) I highly recommend it!

Couldn't agree more lovebug :)

End results?? You are not a TRUE flirt or you'd know that the 'flirty' never ends! *bats eyes* LOL

Shh....you'll out me :P

I have found the same thing happening to me recently. Since I have been consiously making an effort to treat people better I notice how they seem to stand taller, smile more, and treat you better. I like it when I have that affect on people. It feels like I have just made my part of the world a better place. And when I do this, as with you, there is nothing sexual intended at all.

You are an awesome person Bahli - I appreciate the post and it's good to hear there are like-minded folks around :) The pleasure I get out of the deal is a simple smile!

Amen! It makes me feel so good when I see that stressed out over worked face turn into a smile, and sometimes even hear those words " you know you just made my day". What more of a reward is there than that?

Please keep us up todate on what happened

Yes sir - you bet! Take care and thanks for reading!

Yes, I want to know too;)