OK So I'm a Flirt, Who Cares?!

Flirting is simply part of my personality. I do not do it on purpose I just do it without realizing it. Is that wrong? I never cross the line and everyone who knows me knows that it is just part of my personality and that it is harmless. I'm never vulgar, I never touch anyone but I enjoy laughing and that is what I feel fuels this behaviour. Because I flirt I do get a lot of attention, but it is all harmless and most men, I think, consider me nothing more then an upbeat silly women and they also know that I am intelligent, so my flirtation is often based in being a quick witted person. My new boyfriend met me because he was single and I was single and he enjoyed the way I was around people and the way I could make people laugh and feel great. Now ironically he has become very insecure due to my flirting. He now believes that every man wants me, which is a complete joke!! Also I would never betray his trust in anyway possible. So what do I do? Do I curve my flirtatious behaviour until he feels more confident in our relationship or do I take this as a sign that perhaps this relationship will not work. Any and all advice is welcome!! Thanks ;)
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1 Response Mar 30, 2007

i agree with ward but at the same time i would ask u control ur flirting, okay?