Harmless Fun

I can't help it i just love flirting with men and women, they love the attention and it makes you and them feel special, wanted, desired and attractive. It leaves you feeling warm inside that people find you irisistable and you them. Of course, its all fun and play, there are boundaries for me as im married and submissive to my husband who is so sexy. I love the attention i get when i go out, being chatted up by lots of men and women wanting to ravish you on the spot, wanting to take you home for a night or two of passion, wanting to kiss you and touch you. Its not my fault really, people find me very sexy and always want more and i don't like to be rude so i flirt a little, smile a little, have a chat. But wherever i go and whoever i meet they always know that im married so they don't get the wrong idea or any expectations of me. I love flirting because it makes people feel good about themselves and if handled the right way, it could even make them feel better.
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Flirting is out of this world!. Being able to do that and get a response is exhilarating. Just being able to get a notice and a response.... gets me wet ;)

I can understand that blondelady64, im wet right now and swollen. You have the most amazing and beautiful shaped B*******. I would to love to lick each leg right from your toes all the way to your c******* and make you s***** with delight

would luv to gently kiss your soft lips and butterfly your neck with soft kisses as I caress your breasts

I would like to dance in front of you wearing high heels only, my body covered in sented oil. kneeling in front of you and parting your legs, massaging your toes all the way up to the back of your legs. Working the oil into every area of your body, gently, driving my hands over each curve of your body. Laying you down on your back and massaging the oil from your neck and shoulders down to your spine. Working back up with gentle kisses in some parts and teasing nibbles on your nipples. Tickling your nipples with my tongue and taking them into my mouth until they are really hard and you feel the pleasure travel down to your p****y until you are dripping and swollen. Until your whole body craves release, your c******* becoming hard, pulsating. Kissing around your beautiful flower so much that you pull my head towards your c******* to lap you up with my tongue. Massage oil all over your flower and gently and slowly enter my f***** into your p**** moving it in and out so you are soaking and moaning for more. Going back out and re-entering with two fingers and massaging your G S*** fast until you s***** and scream as your body shakes.

Oh yeah, i definitely know what you mean x

Flirting is so exhilerating. I know nothing will happen but it still gets my juices flowing.