My Babe Moment

"Are you enjoying this fabulous weather, babe?”
That was it.
That is what he said to me, right after I said “Could you please fill it with regular?”
We don’t have self-serve in New Jersey, thank god, so one’s gas purchasing experience is pretty much hit or miss, but for the most part the service people are exceedingly polite. But this guy was going all out.
I had been cruising with the windows down and with Robert Palmer blasting in the 75 degree blue sky afternoon air and I was in an 80’s kind of mood, and truth be told I felt a little babish, like I was 25 and not 48. So as stunned as I was to be called babe, I found I liked it –a lot.
Now it should be noted that the only person I ever let call me babe was the person I was making mad passionate love to and he is AWOL at the moment so I am in heat, have been for longer that I care to admit, so the babe crack set me on fire. Wait I thought, he is not working for commission or tips. He could get sex in my car after his shift just for saying babe to me—I was that  grateful for the ego boost. Next thing you know I am surreptitiously checking myself out in the rearview—do I warrant the babe? Okay. Not bad, windswept hair, that little, Why yes, it is a beautiful day you hunky gas pumper guy you. And I am digging that Hess vest with the matching cap. I was too, sort of, right up until I started thinking about his age-- 30ish, kind of young.
But while I was caught up in this little gas station sex fantasy another car pulled up and he said “What can I do for you, boss?”
I was instantly deflated.
Oh, I thought, he is the male version of the sweetie/honey woman—you know the type, they just kind of add those insignificant terms of endearment to statements made or questions posed to complete strangers.
Oh. I am not really a babe. I am a middle-aged gas needing 48 year old. I could probably have sex with the 50 something “boss” in the sports car over in the next bay though. Boss, meet Babe. Are you enjoying this fantastic weather we are having, boss?
I don’t know why I get flirty at gas stations but I do.  Maybe it is the seductive rolling down of the window, the phallic pump, the fill me up. I have no idea, but I have had some serious flirtatious encounters at these unremarkable venues, so this is nothing new.
But for a moment I forgot who I really was and I was in the babe moment, and it was fun.
Then after, “Have a nice weekend Ma’am.”
Okay, thanks…Junior.
It was a nice moment while it lasted. 
Quintesse Quintesse
51-55, F
24 Responses May 18, 2012

Obviously you haven't met me. Hi. I'm Quintesse. I parse and analyze everything....and I DID smile and enjoy it--and then I even wrote a story about the whole thing for posterity's sake. haha

Babe is but a state of mind....yep you least for a while. Just smile and enjoy it instead of parsing it and analyzing it to death.

Haha, of course you is that working for you? (in my very best Dr. Phil voice (ugh))......chuckling here.

Actually, it's quite exhausting.

It was fun. Thanks Stara. We all have our moments I guess. The idea is to appreciate them when they happen --and to be able to laugh at yourself. Thanks

I swear I would walk rather than pump my own gas. It's not snobbery in my case--I am philosophically opposed to doing it under any circumstances. It's just not the way things should be...I am spoiled. Plus, I like flirting with the guys there. They are bored--they appreciate a friendly smile. It is almost always a nice experience. If I had to do it myself there would be cursing...
I have met many men like your guy. They are the best.

Now that was a fun day. It makes me think--it's amazing what words can do, what a compliment can do for a person. I try to remember that.
Thanks Soulful One

LOL...cute! I can see it all...thanks for that.

Where the hell have you been?(I've missed you)<br />
You always make me feel like a babe--it's your way. I'm working the babe these days, I'll have you know, and not just with gas station attendants either, haha. In fact, I had an entire babe weekend. I'm thinking I'm going to embrace this from now on. <br />
Thanks babe.

you warrant the babe. trust me on this one!

Harlequins. It was cute. That's all I can say. I can tell the difference between condescension and small talk. This was casual small talk but I agree that maybe some people might not find it as amusing as I did. He was kind of walking a fine line between compliment and insult depending upon the mood (and age) of the recipient. <br />
I loved my moment though. <br />
That reminds me. I need gas again. haha

I'm on it. haha

Oooo this was real nice.................... Babe.....kisses sweetheart......

Moon and Quercus--you guys made me laugh. Q--who knew we were sisters!? haha.<br />
Like I said, I should have posted this in a group about how words are important because that guy really caught me off guard, but in a fun way--I felt like a million bucks! He did that for me. <br />
We are only as old as we think we are. I happen to be 25--so there, haha. And with age comes wisdom --definitely. I know enough to know that I am not wasting a second feeling old.<br />
Thanks you guys!

Singing.....<br />
<br />
They say we're young and we don't know<br />
We won't find out until we grow

rgpc--it IS a state of mind. You're right. That is the conclusion that I came to by the time I got home.<br />
I can get my babe on any time I want to. Of course if I'm alone it's not as much fun and it helps if a 30 something winks at me, I've found.<br />
Still...It can be me. <br />
I like that. Thank you.

Babedom can be a state of mind. <br />
It can be an attitude. <br />
It can be you.

I don't know what it is about the whole gas station experience, Oscar. Perhaps it's the down time, as I sit there waiting...all the activity around me. So many flirtable moments / little time.<br />
Thanks babe.

Haha Sylphy. I love laughing with you.<br />
I can't even remember what he looked like. He called me babe--I was delirious with desire--<br />
haha.<br />
PS I love a man in a reflector vest.

Then you should see me working the high profile safety sites... , babe!


Ooohh babe.

;- )

Quiny babe... you made faerie laugh again... haha... "...hunky gas pumper guy you..." - love this! Beats faerie's hunkadoodledoo! ;p

Haha. I've been thinking about this and I think that if a man says honey or sweetie or even babe, and he is older than me I might take offense, as it often comes across as condescending. <br />
But if a hunky younger guy says babe I think it almost always has to be considered a compliment. There is a fair amount of risk involved on his part however, because there are some women I'm sure who never want to be called that.<br />
I guess it comes down to intent and circumstances and as the hiker suggested, it just might have something to do with the weather too, haha<br />
Well, I'm glad we cleared all that up.

I liked this. I laughed pretty good when Babe was thinking of Boss. Nice story, and never think at 48 you can't be all babe-alicious either. <br />
<br />
Funny though, I always try to never use those Babe, Honey, Sweetie, type words, because I thought all you Babes hated that stuff. Is it more acceptable in the springtime, you think ?<br />
<br />
I really need a manual to keep track of this stuff.<br />
;~ p

I honestly think that everyone in my town was positively giddy with the amazing weather--it inspires flirting perhaps. haha

When spring is in the air
It's love that floats upon it
and everything seems fair
the world will sing love's sonnet
Because spring is such a time
for all of new beginnings
so have a flirty mind
and collect your love laced winnings.

Flirt away, "Babe" !

spare a thought for us guys. We must squeeze the best we can into one pick up line. Hitting the right note often depends on the choice of a single word. Many other women, in other moods, would have been offended to be called Babe. <br />
<br />
I'm glad you had a good moment. I have a similar reaction when I get glances from women, in the morning, on my way to work. Can make my day.

You've got that right. I've had car encounters too and they are fun. A smile, an unexpected babe--that can definitely make one's day.

I'm making the most of this seemingly minor subject. Glances, phrases, smiles - they all help us build confidence. They prepare us to become better lovers, more emotionally mature. If we have a need for depth, then we are better able to achieve that, with the extra confidence we gain at the surface.

I have a particular reason. I was overweight for decades. In the last two months, I lost 8% of my body weight. No special diet, just cutting down on biscuits, and pushing a bit more at the gym. I'll be 61 in a fortnight, yet I enjoy my new improved looks more than I enjoyed my slim shape when I was a teenager -:)

You always put yourself down. Q, take things on the pirma facia words, then habeus corpus<br />
I know I took Latin in Catholic school for something, :-o<br />

I DO put myself down and then you show up and lift me back up. I like how that works out. Impressive Latin. A shame I have no clue what you are talking about, although I plan on exercising my right to due process. In fact, I am also going to exercise my right to feel babish when the mood strikes me. It's all good. haha


This is sooo funny. You are such a good writer. I actually LOL!

Hahahaha. Thanks babe

I've only been called, "missy." It was an insult, but I've had fun with it since.My friends and I, when we disapprove, call each other "missy" now. Except the guys.

Perhaps I made mistake. Perhaps I should have put this in "I Believe in the Power of Words" since that was the point, really.<br />
Old is a state of mind though, as anyone who is old knows. Still, I'll take a babe over a ma'am from a 30 something any day.<br />
Thanks you guys.

Whoa it sure is hot in here right now. Kinda got me wishin I pumped gas for a living, don't rightly know I could control myself with "Babes" like you driving in and out, in and out, innnnn and outtttttttttttt all day. Sorry girl I gotta go hit the showers I loved this story