Flirting At A Distance

Swimming in the surf, just forgetting everything after paperwork, get some sun and water. I'm an average guy I think, maybe more handsome when I was younger and worked out. Still got a few muscles left though hidden under a beer belly, age catching up to me. An older single guy with lots of cute young girls in skimpy bikinis trying to look sexy, but that is not what really caught my eye. I'm out in the waves and as see a younger girl (or at least compared to me she is a younger girl), catch her smiling and staring at me from between the wave crests. I give a nod and a warm smile and we both kinda just enjoy doing out thing.

So I ma having fun and she is not paying me any further attention, so I ware myself out body surfing in the waves and head back to shore.Oddly enough she is a few yards in front of me and she too decides she needs to head to shore as well. I can't help but watch her. No she was not the prettiest, not waring any thing even skimpy, nor were her parts all jiggling. She was actually kind of plane looking, but by no mean ugly, rather small breasts, but very shapely, wearing a bikini top under a t-shirt and shorts. So while there were lots of prettier women in far skimpy outfits trying to jiggle and shake, my eyes are drawn to the one that smiled at me, and moves with this fluid grace, slow, sensuous.

Ok so I am thinking this is all just in my head, let it go, plop down on the shore and rest for a while warming under the sun. I look over and she is a few yards over, playing in the sand, dripping the wet sand all over herself, though she is not alone. I smile to myself to have enjoyed at least a tiny small compliment of having someone smile at me and head out for one last swim for the afternoon.

I get back out in the surf, look around, no mysterious girl to be seen, just let it go, enjoy the waves crashing over me. Next thing I know she is back out in the waves heading in my general direction. I can not help but watch, no she is not the prettiest thing on the beach, no she is not available but cant help but watch. This time though she is pretending not to notice me, though her movements become all the more graceful, sensual, and slowly her face gives her away as she blushes deeper and darker red.

Swim around for a bit and she goes to one of her friends, the cute girl in the skimpy bikini shaking her assets for the boyfriend she was with, the one everyone else is looking at. I don't know what she told her, she just smiled and motioned in my direction and the other girl looked at me a moment with a kind of a look of wonder on her face. Then the mystery girl walked back to shore, found her husband and left. You just never know what the hell two women tell one another. At least from the looks on their faces it seemed to be a compliment at least.

On one hand, my ego got a nice warm petting that was needed. On the other hand, why is it never the single women that want to flirt? Ah well.
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2 Responses Jun 11, 2012

Fun story. It's Interesting the things you notice when you pay attention.

She probably said, "see? I told you I could get a guy to look at me instead of you...even with a SHIRT over my bikini top!" That's probably why her friend was incredulous :P she couldn't believe it was possible.... But I agree, a smile indicating interest is much more engaging and attractive than just a set of nice **** on a girl that doesn't care to communicate.

Well I have to admit that there was something about the way the t-shirt was clinging to her body while in the surf, for some reason that was far more sexy than a bikini top.