Flirting is an art form that far too few have mastered. Almost all people flirt in some way. Some are great at it. Some are terrible at it. There are those that work hard at being a flirt and those that it just comes natural to. Now I do not consider myself a flirt but have been called one. I tend to be friendly and outgoing but never viewed it as being a "flirt". Maybe I have been kidding myself all these years. Who knows. Or maybe I have become such a flirt that I don't know that I am doing it. Am I doing it now in this story? Damn, I wish I knew. Would someone let me know please.

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You are definitely a every way, shape, and form. But you're good at it......very good. Witty, intelligent, creative. Although I know someone who can meet your every move. Frustrating isn't it? To have someone younger who is an equal flirt? lol<br />
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I miss my flirt. <br />
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I'm told my personality sends the wrong message by the DH--I'm incredibly outgoing-very talkative-touchy--not in a seductive kind of way--I have always been outgoing-big smiler-like to have fun-talk with people--not shy at all--but will say--now when some one says to me "would be a nice night for a ride on a country road" tell him "you bet it would-with the right person!!" and he gets the eyes--

see...right there flirting (lol)...flirty flirt flirt (rotflmao)

Would that be the flirting personality syndrome? How do you know so much about it??????