Work Flirting

This is more a confession than a story but I have a shameless flirt affair with my purchasing manager. It started with an email 6 years ago. I work in one town and her office is in the hub office in another town. At that point we have never met and were we were taking guesses on what the other looked like to the point it got personal. We would take turns describing "favorites" i.e. favorite food, favorite color, favorite body part, favorite sex position... you get the point. Once the chance came to meet at a sales meeting we agreed flirting only and no physical contact because both our jobs could be in jepordy. We met, shook hands and sat across from eachother in the meeting. Of course I don't remember much of the meeting because i was trying to remeber the emails and details she had shared about her body and likes and dislikes. I was having a hard time keeping focus. During a break my phone buzzed indicating a text message. It was from her and it was simple.

"Stop staring at me...".

"Ouch" is what I thought! Was i staring? Was I creeping her out? I was trying to figure out if all the sudden I was the biggest dork in the state when my phone buzzed again. I hit the button to see another text from her.

".... because you are turning me on"

I looked across the room only to see her looking at her phone smiling and looking mischevious. I quickly sent back a text stating "glad I am not the only one!". I seen her read the text and take a deep breath. She didn't respond as I watched her put her phone in her purse as the meeting resumed.

I left the meeting for the drive back to my area and thought or daydreamed about what had happened and what my arousal wanted to happen. That night I was in bed reading when my phone buzzed.

"How turned on were you?"

Well, not to go into details but the text conversation that night was very hot and intense. We still share emails and text messages from time to time and there is always a sexual tension between us when we are at work related functions and in the last 6 years we have never met once outside work. I guess we are just both happy with our private naughty flirting.
Sillip Sillip
41-45, M
Jul 3, 2012