I Love It!!!

I looove to flirt!! I do it all the time. Any semi good looking guy is good enough. Haha i feel silly admitting it, but its so true!!!
bubbles899 bubbles899
22-25, F
6 Responses Jul 20, 2012

hey sexy damn i would love it if u were my woman

And what guy wouldn't love to be flirted with by you?! :-)

It's an all around good feeling. You make someone else feel good and u make yourself feel good

A cutie like you should be fjirted with all the time;)

There is nothing wrong with flirting, most people do it, even if they don't know there doing it!

Well, at least you admit it...nothing wrong with flirting as long as its done the right way,and feelings are not hurt...I think we all flirt to a certain degree...Maybe its a natural instict..Brian

Yea i def agree with you there.