does guys flirt with girls they do not find attractive?
joyful25 joyful25
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how receptive would that make one feel, surely instant attraction is the only form of flirtation..flirting is all about power and assertiveness, a game of interest..the woman must be careful...

guys sorry to change the subject? how does a guy lets i girl know they like a girl? im clueless when it comes to that?

Yea they do, with the goal of getting into their pants. Guy's will still **** any chick if it's just for their *****, as long as they ***, they will hit anything.

I just talk to people. If they call it flirting then so be it. Perhaps I made someones otherwise dull day. It is always good to lift another if you can do it with a smile and get a smile in return!

Thank you guys.

All the's human nature.

It is all about confidence, when someone show's an interest, irregardless of beauty, it makes us feel strong and confident. I believe it is called affirmation. Everyone likes to feel good and there is nothing better than when someone from the opposite sex flirts... Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference...