It Makes Us Feel Good.

I am a naturally flirtatious person. I like making people feel good, and it makes me feel good when its reciprocated. It doesnt mean that i want to have sex with you or anything, but some people are just fun to have that flirtatious banter with. Its how i reassure myself, and others, that us humans are attractive. I dont see the harm in it, but it can be misconstrued by some so i feel its better to be controlled about it.

*bats eyes at circle*
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Definitely! haha :) makes the world feel like a world! No harm in safe attraction

I flirt all the time, often without realizing it, but its like you said, I love making people feel good

and the best part is that it dont cost a and fun

Can't do it at work anymore for fear of sexual harrassment charges, but it is still fun when out and about. My father was a major flirt up until the day he died and it looks like I will be the same, but these days I save it for the "older" ladies, I don't want the young ones to think I am a dirty old man. I am, just not with young girls.

Couldn't have said it any better.

I AGREE! and now adays, society throws me down, because everyone is attracted to me, not because I expose myself in nasty ways, But because Im real. and honest, and who cares if we flirt. We do what we do!

Couldn't agree more ... For me it really has nothing to do with actual interest in a person but is just a playful interaction that means nothing more than I like to be flirty ... Most men though seem to take a gals flirting to be an invitation to start making overt graphic and unwanted sexual advances ... I guess it's okay to get confused but, it is very annoying when you explain that you don't have an interest in them, that you are only being playful and that their sexual advances make you uncomfortable and they continue to make them ... I guess some people will use any excuse to find a reason to violate another persons boundaries ....

*puts penis back in pants before dente turns around and sees*


Lmao I saw!

i love flirting, only problem is that i do like to have sex with other people as well, think i'm going to have to fnish with bf as its really not fair on him :(

When my wife flirts it makes me happy and horny and I know she is having fun

Hubby sees that I'm flirting with other men he smiles and roll his eyes. rule is look but no touching

Snap! I'm hearing you!

great way to live and be happy...but do not ..I repeat give wrong signals :))

What??? It doesn't mean you want to have sex with us? :(

*is suckered in by lilcuppacuteness*

welcome to my lair hehe