I am a flirt ..alarms you? It is to flirt..when I am talking sweetly with you and smiling with my eyes.Lips when eyes speak ..they notion you to move..and draws you closer to my heart..where the heat is..and you feel happy..Why do you like me? You can never write down in words..that "YOU ARE A BIG FLIRT" but that is a reality..why you find me so easy to please and warm indeed...Actually..flirting is like a play..but it is not a happens between a way of touching in correct manner..never does it alarm easily you can flirt with two..but sometimes it is dangerous..when your signals are interpreted have hurt others without careful when you flirt...or get too is amusing only if both are same type..actually ..that is true..flirting can not progress without the second's help or will be stopped as pervert..etc... we take permission to flirt by giving it out in small portions like testers and then gets approved and more supply as per does it sound?
Flirts ...very harsh and derogative ..but reality we can not deny..a small part of us remains playful innocently...
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1 Response Aug 13, 2012

Yes, you're right. Flirting should remain an opportunity to look, talk with eyes and heart. but never too much or wanting more. If this should be a small game, the game must always be correct and delicate!

sensitively ..sweet