I Like To Flirt, But

It seems that when I flirt I either get ignored or looked at like I'm a perv. What is it? Just some fun nothing too serious. Maybe I'm not so good at it.
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I agree with curious Angelina

:) very true introspection..it needs expertise:)

I don't know how you do it but I like to smile first and if the man responds with a smile, I talk to him. ;-)

When you see older gentlemen flirting with girls that are 18 or early 20's, one tends to steer clear of those flirts.

u did not flirt with me yet,blew a kiss

There ARE a lot of pervs online, and I think most women are so afraid of them that it's very hard to give anyone "a chance".

I don't understand. Is it because we're old or what?

No, not at all. The older you as a male get, the more you will be chased by all those widows or divorced women! ;-) But no, putting the humor aside, I think, as long as you flirt with women of your age group or maybe up to 10 - 12 years younger, it should all turn out quite nicely. If you flirt with young girls, people will think of you as 'the dirty old man'. I know this, because it happens to my husband (62), when he is on an outing with our daughter, who turns 14 soon but is very mature for her age. People look at them either thinking: lucky bastard, or something very much opposite... Of course sometimes we get the remark of the 'Grand Dad' too... ;-)

That's too bad for You, i have social anxiety and i am too afraid people will think i am a perv too, so i simply don't even bother.