Flirtation is a wonderful way to bring a smile to another Heart and Soul. Yet there are people that then see it as you are coming on to them when it is the farthest thing from the truth. May be it is there partner that takes offence or they know there partner will. Or it good be you just need to ask this friend to stop because you feel uncomfortable. Tell them straight up before you end what could be a wonderful friendship. May God bless all.
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you can flirt with me any time ..

O so Beautiful, big smile here. :-):-). Thank you sexy.

damn your sweet .. xxoo

Just kind to all. Doing Gods work.

i think ... God would want you to work on me... xxoo

Really now. What kind of work?

ohh much needed charitable work .. on me .. in me .. all over me.. and ill return the favor... i think you need that too ..

All over you.:-):-) one would never stop.

mmmmm your driving me crazy with passion for you..if i had you i would never let you go...

:-):-) forevermore.

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So true.

words of wisdom :)

:):) thank-you.

An interesting perspective!

Thank-you. It is true.

It is too bad if some people are too black and white and see flirting as an "on" switch to extreme behavior. It shouldn't stop us from being ourselves though. If my wife flirts with a friend and that friend has some wild fantasy with her, I would venture the flirting alone didn't create the fantasy. And I trust my wife to be able to manage the situation.

Yes it is. The gift of a smile from a little flirting is a Beautiful Heart felt friendship.