Dont Even Know When I'm Doing It.

Its true. I cant even tell when my words are the least bit flirtatious. I mean, i do it completely unintentionally and yet i still manage to flirt up people. Boys, Girls, minors, people over 30, you name it, i have done it. I really dont have a clue how it happens either. It just sorta does. I guess i have a way with words.
messyfingers messyfingers
18-21, F
1 Response Sep 2, 2012

@.@ I unintentionally do that too, I sometimes end up thinking like "wait, werent we standing like 5 feet away from each other a few minutes ago? Where'd that space go?" but I do find joy out of it to be drawing in people to me anyways :P

lol same here. it makes me feel like i do an ok job attracting anyone to me. it can really surprise me.