Dangerous Flirting

I love to flirt, but it's usually with strangers who I'll never see again. Recently, I found myself in a situation where I was being flirted with, and I couldn't help but flirt back. Unfortunately, it was with the longtime girlfriend of a colleague, and he was present. Here's how everything unfolded...

About two years ago I met a few colleagues at sports event. Both had their girlfriends with them, and although I noticed that both women were attractive, I didn't think much of it, and at the end of the night we said our goodbyes and went our ways.

About a year later I ran into one of the women at an event--we had both had a few drinks and clearly recognized each other, but neither of us was sure where from. We stood there--quite close, as it was loud--and finally figured out where we had met. As we re-introduced ourselves I could tell that she (lets call her Sara) was meeting my eyes quite deliberately and with a slight smile. It was at this point that I realized how sexy she is. She is about my age, and in amazing shape. And, she basically oozes seduction. Because many folks that we knew were in the room, including her boyfriend, we quickly said our goodbyes. I've thought about that brief exchange a lot over the last year, wondering just what to make of it.

Jump to the present, when last week I had the opportunity to stay with this couple on a business trip. On arrival I was invited into their house, where they had made a nice dinner. The guy was somewhat preoccupied with some final work on his computer, so it was mostly me and Sara in the kitchen. She was wearing jeans and a short t-shirt that clearly revealed her stomach (which was tight as a drum). Every time she would reach up to grab something off a shelf her hip bones would slide out of the top of her jeans, revealing just a little more of her upper pubic area and rear. Although I may be a bit prone to fantasizing, I can't believe she wasn't aware that my eyes kept being drawn to her sexy stomach and rear.

After dinner I went into the basement to put some clothes in their washer. I couldn't find the light switch (turns out it was quite hidden), so I popped up and asked Sara where it might be. She had me follow her back into the dark basement. I was right behind her and could almost feel the heat off her body as she reached around to flip the switch. It was all I could do not to act on the sudden impulse to reach out and touch...something, but I held it together and she only slightly brushed against me as she slid by with a smile. Again, I can't believe she didn't have mischief in her mind as she caught my eye.

The next morning Sara and my colleague were in the kitchen, where I joined them. She was flurrying about getting ready to leave. She had on perfectly-fitting slacks, and a smart-looking top. More business than glamour, but definitely still sexy. Again, every time she reached up to grab something her top pulled up, and I could see she was wearing a satin thong that came up a ways above her back pantline. Not only could I see the top of the thong, but because her slacks were worn low, I could start to see the leg holes where her rear would be. My mind was going a mile-a-minute picturing where that thong strap ended. At one point her boyfriend left the room and she bent over a lower cabinet, pointing her *** skyward and in my general direction. Again, this may have been coincidence, but it's difficult for me to believe. By this point I was totally aroused...unable to get up from the table without giving away what I had been thinking. A bit later, as she left and I said goodbye while holding the door, I hoped our eyes might meet and somehow confirm that her behaviors were intentionally naughty. But, alas, it was a simple "good bye, hope to see you again soon." Nevertheless, I've been a bit preoccupied with thoughts of Sara ever since.
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It would worry me if her behaviour - no matter if she did all of that on purpose or not - wouldn't stimulate your mind ;) As long as keep your hands to yourself when you are around her and only steal her from your friend in your fantasy, you should be fine :)

Nothing wrong to flirt.. esp with strangers.. i like it... my wife likes it... we both in our own world.. separately relax,,,

My, my. Sara sounds like quite the tease.

my mom's name is Sara.