A Flirt Going Too Far

I employed this sexy little 21 year old to give her a bit of work experience . Within two days the chemistry was too hot to handle and she began to make it obvious that she wanted to have sex with me . Now I am nicknamed the "sly old silver fox" for a reason . After two trips down the aisle , two divorces and two attempts to relieve me of my home and assets ( which never worked ) , I am as wary of a proposition as a fox is of a trussed up fat goose lying on the ground . I asked the pretty little hot number why she wanted to have sex with a man more than two  times her age . " I wanted to try something different " she replied . Yeah ! Sure ! I backed away and started to review  the situation . The gal was looking for a sugar daddy !. She realized the game plan was up and made a play for my son . He has no flies on him and quickly dealt with her crotch itch . I had to step in and break it up as the pretty little thing was adamant on breaking up his marriage and taking her place beside him as the wife of the future heir . So I gave my son a stern lecture about his responsibilities to his wife and baby .... and then I fired her ..
Some women will stop at nothing to climb the mountain to the top !
saphireblue saphireblue
46-50, M
3 Responses Nov 13, 2012

I like your honesty and the control you had over the situation.she would use you both and probably ruin you family.you are an interesting man!

No kidding . That was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do . When a sexy pretty 21 year old virtually rubs herself on your lap it make it very difficult to say no .In fact it becomes extremely painful ! But thankfully , I did not fall for it and once her true intentions were displayed and how she was prepared to do anything to get her financial freedom , even at the expense of my sons marriage , it was time to send her on her way . Cheers !

That was an interesting story.so you managed to resist.some how it looks as it was not an easy task.it was fun reading it.ciao!