I Can't Turn Off The Flattery

I am single and I love to try and flirt. I have been called everything from sweet, charming, nice, great. But once I was told by a "friend" that I should turn down the flattery because she started to not believe me. I am bad at flirting for my own good? Has anyone else experienced that?

Being a HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) I took that as a form of rejection and it really really hurt. I am the kind of person that will tell you I love you everyday. Because I believe you never know when you could die and you regret not saying stuff like that when that person was alive. Maybe I am just old fashion and was born in the wrong generation.
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aw that's so beautiful :)

Thanks. :)

Just had that this morning - was posting messages for a new friend- she friended me first- and I was telling her my world, my likes etc
She said - "I would love to chat, yr very sweet, but take your foot of the pedal - your going to fast."
I had never heard of HSP- but the wrong comment really hurts me.

I always get the "oh sweetie, oh your so cute " thing , then Im told - slow Down?!

Think I might have gone off topic there - but that's me in a nutshell

Mark x

Definitely know how you feel man. She says you are so sweet then boom she says you need to turn it down. It's weird. It's hard not to get offended by that because it's like saying PLEASE STOP BEING WHO YOU ARE.

I agree -thanks for replying - I would have worried about sending the wrong type of message, had you not responded
And again, thats me!!
Have a good day, my friend

Thanks - mxx

to most people it's too much and they have no clue how to handle it. it can crowd alot of people. if you can find another single HSP then you'd be set:-) I hope that helps. For me being a girl with hsp I had to play the opposite game when dating. I purposly was not clingy and kept my distance. For a regular guy that type of behavior really attracted him. After these years we are still married and he is great about me being close to him. Also he is great about knowing when I need my alone time which is nice. Fingers crossed for u:-)

Thanks scarlett73 (I love that name). It's weird that you sometimes have to create a persona that is kinda opposite of what you feel and think when dating or trying to court. Dating sucks as is but you have to go through so many things and nothing is guaranteed.

I seriously hope I could be as lucky as you were. I have been trying to control my feelings and it's been really hard. But I have never given up.

Thank you again. :)