It's Difficult, Just Letting It Out.

I've recently been trying to fulfil this need I've been having. I'm a woman, but I want to chase women. So, I've been trying to figure out how to do this. It's not the easiest when your niche lies in subtlety and submission. I went to a trance concert recently (meaning it was very sexual, and very crowded) and I managed to find a woman whom I found attractive. She was grinding (like many others) with a man. All the women were grinding with men though. I don't know if this was a stupid idea or not, but I decided to go after her. What are the rules are anyway for this kind of thing? I know that from a perspective of a person with much more testosterone than I have, she's technically "taken" although since it was a man, and not a woman, I felt less threatened. Who knows? She could have liked the idea of a *********.

Anyway, being the very cautious person I am, I wanted it to be subtle. I danced next to her and got pretty close. I could feel my leg brush her leg. She was wearing a sequin dress and had very soft skin... and my face even brushed her hair as she was dancing with the man. I glanced at her quite a bit in order to see if she "noticed" me. I did this quite a bit. Her head was thrown back against the guy, but I had no idea of telling whether this was because she didn't care about anything else except for the man she was grinding, or if this open body posture invited me to touch her.

I managed to go even further, by sliding my pinkie finger over her finger. I curled around hers a bit. She seemed to jump, then suddenly her and her man now firmly attached to her like an extension of her body moved far back into the crowd. I didn't know what happened, but I decided to let it go. She came back though, in the exact same position. Really close to me, but baring in mind, everyone in the concert was in everyone else's personal space. She came back to me though. If I did scare her, she wouldn't have come back.

I kept glancing at her. I wish I had caught her eye. Even if she looked in my direction, I would have been more encouraged. I wanted to hold the gaze and see if she would accept me. I was feeling more and more attracted to her, that longing seemed to be tense. I felt a little silly, like a shy school girl awkwardly holding another school girl's hand. Nothing really could teach me how to do this better. I'm not a man, and I'm not a lesbian. Not even do I really have opportunities like other bi-sexuals have. I haven't seen this kind of situation in anything that I've seen, heard of, read, or watched in my life. Although, I have very high standards on ripening this encounter as much as I can. I wanted to imprint this memory into my mind to deepen the rich sexuality I've built over the years. That's the kind I wanted.

Eventually, my guy friend told me we had to go. Disappointment. I was getting a little too intimidated by not getting positive signs from her.

I ran away.
viviirose viviirose
18-21, F
Nov 26, 2012