Flirting With A Hot Older Receptionist At Work

I travel a lot with work and my travels often take me to big corporations with receptionists. I do executive protection details, so while my boss is in meetings I am usually left to entertain myself. I often flirt with the secretaries or receptionists, depending on the office layout and protocols and cuteness lol
We walked into a company a lil over a year ago and a beautiful busty redhead greeted us. She had dark red curly hair, with an amazing chest with cleavage abounding in her tight white blouse with matching hips in her tight black skirt n heels.
i thought, "WOW, i know where i will be heading to when this meeting starts"
As soon as the meeting got under way I headed back to the reception counter. It was a big counter with several receptionists dealing with calls and visitors coming into the office. I stood at the end of the counter and inquired on an empty office i could use while meeting was in progress to my new redhead friend. She told me she would set me up in one, and we chatted. The other girls were also friendly and chatted with them also, but paying closer attn, and complimenting this busty redhead the most. She caught me stealing glances into her blouse occassionally and would blush, or make a sly comment about my noticing the company assets. She was fun and very outgoing. She offered me a chair next to her since it seemed i was going to flirt with her all day and not need that empty office after all. lol
when I sat next to her, getting even better side view of her ample figure, her boobs were bigger and fuller than I first imagined. Her blouse was just tight enough on the side of her breasts to make the outline of her lace bra. Looking at her sexyness, her thighs and her big breasts, every once in a while catching a glimpse of her bra thru the gap in her blouse was making my **** stir.
Her boss come out and was talking to the girls, being uncomfy and not wanting anyone to get into trouble I stood up and scooted out behind my friend, but with the cramped area, we bumped, and my **** bumped nad rubbed against her arm and shoulder. She turned bright red, and looked at the bulge in my slacks. I wasn't hard, but it was somewhat chunky. Being very thick doesn't help with hiding it. I blushed back noticing what had happened. She winked and made comment that she hoped she wasn't causing any discomfort. I told her of course not, thats normal. She blushed again a lil in shock not knowing if I was joking or not.
I eventually went to find my empty office, flirting with her thru the day to keep the tension there. At the end of the day, my boss still deep in meetings, my busty new friend came to my office. We flirted and teased and tempted each other. She sat in the chair across from my desk and enjoyed giving me a view she know I was enjoying. I got up and sat on the edge of the desk, stil chatting and flirting, until she made comment about our morning brush up.
To show her i wasn't joking about my size, i brushed my slacks tightly over my **** so she coudl see the big head and thickness of my 8" shaft.
She made light of it, but said it was impressive. I complimented her figure and deep cleavage and said it was equially impressive. I told her i would be open to letting her touch me if i could touch her. She bit her lip thinking about it, but i was to close for her to deny my kiss as i leaned forward. We made out for several minutes until I sat up straight and gave her access to touch me thru my slacks. She didn't move, only stared. I took her hand and guided it over my **** as she watched me grow until i was rock hard in my slacks. My hands were now free to explore her chest as I run my fingers up n down thru her cleavage and undo button by button slowly. Her nipples were rock hard and her bra barely covered her areolas. Before long my **** was out of my slacks, both her hands were wrapped around my shaft and she was sucking and licking every inch of it until I exploded in her mouth.
I LUV flirting in the office!
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Nov 30, 2012