My Associates Wife.

We never talk much. But when she is around I can sense 'it'. I don't know how to describe the emotion. I think it is Love. It may be just animal like attraction. But I know it is there. I also know that she knows it is there.

We exchange glances. Just the casual 'Hi' and 'Hellos'.

Once. Just once, during a lunch we were having I was sitting bang opposite her. As I finished my lunch I said 'Excuse me'. She looked up and I looked at her. Our eyes locked. It was just brief. But 'eternity' was lost in that single moment.

It is one of the beautiful moments I have experienced.

I know nothing serious will come out of all this. But I am happy that we both are 'aware'.
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1 Response Dec 4, 2012

this is like me and another guy at work.. he is so hot... we are always flirting.. smiling at each other etc...and I am married lol.. makes me feel so sexy... we can't help it LOL
sometimes there is just and attraction... what can you do xxx.. I DO nothing.. just flirt like hell with him..then i go home and have hot sex with my husband..
I think flirting can spice things up!!
Even my husband flirts sometimes..he has done it in front of me and i think it is funny :)

he he he....

I can understand....
how it feels...

thanks for the time....