Flirting is exciting and adventurous to me. Flirting is exciting, because you dont know what will happen with the other person. Then the question comes in will that person interpret what you are actually doing. It is a secrete body language apart from any other body language that there is. It is so exciting because it is such a language that is dificult to read and be read in return. It is an unknown language that cannot be taught in a school room by a teacher. It will show you if someone is interested in you or not.

Once you know the other person is reading your body language and then sending it back to you that is when the adventue begins. Flirting can go on for hours, days, weeks, months, and even years. Once the flirting has been establihed that it is mutual the power then lies in how far you want it to go. It can go on as just flirting, casual sex, or a long term relationship. The adventurous part is not knowing what lies ahead for you from this unspoken and even sometimes dangerous language. Flirting is the one true form of foreplay that stands second to none.
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LOL @ "secrete" body language...I guess so. :)