I am a big flirt, it's true, but a harmless one. If you are not my guy I can flirt with you all day long and never have the intention or desire to rip your clothes off, and I flirt with everyone, male and female.  I smile, laugh, hug, touch, make eyes at everyone.  I'm a friendly sort and very affectionate.  :)

Of course, if you ARE my guy I will flirt with you all day long with EVERY intention of ripping your clothes off at the first available opportunity.  ;)
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I love to flirt too.. But that doesn't mean I'm 'easy'..


I think it all goes back to the intention thing. If you are flirting with the intention of it going somewhere, it should be obvious, and if you are not, it should also be obvious. If you are just smiling and being nice to someone and they take it that you want to have sex with them, well they have issues, not me. Like I said, if I am giving someone an invitation, they know it, because I am whispering it in their ear.



Thank you! :)

Nice .. in either case I wud love to be with you ..;)

Very good. Flattery is a great way to flirt. :)


Thanks :)

I absolutely love and can truly appreciate a good flirt. My wife says she does not like to tease, but I LOVE being teased and toyed with!!!!

I know where you are coming from. My ex was not big on flirting either. He thinks it is a waste of time, and I think it is a great way to keep a relationship alive and worthy of time and attention. Guess that's one of the reason's he's my ex. I love the teasing as well, the build up.

Sounds like fun!!! lol

Healthy and positive thoughts.
Happy flirting!!

Thanks Hon! :)

love the nonstop attitude!

Thanks. I try to be positive and cheerful always. Hugs.

Don't, don't, don't stop! A little flirt thrown my way.... always helps to make my day!

I love you my Groovy friend. I know you take me how I am, and I appreciate it more than you can ever know.

OK.....I have to inject a serious note here. Men over the past 40 years have had to learn to control their behavior. We are told, "Just because a woman communicates with everything she is that she is sexual and sexually in tune with specifically you, that does not mean you have a right to make a sexual advance, to touch, to suggest, to assume or even guess that there might be a sexual encounter with her in the future...and soon". Don't dare let a man say "She was asking for it" or "The way she was dressed..." and some guys will go as far as giving her a pat on the bum just for being cute....NOT PERMITTED. Ladies, may I inform you that men are volatile creatures. Our brains are finely tuned sex detection machines that zero in on a woman with the least little bit of encouragement. When you flirt with a man, you are playing with fire, especially if you don't know exactly who that man is.

Now, of course, any decent man will suppress his sexual impulses when acting is not appropriate. But why should women be allowed to express sexual ideas to a man when the man is forbidden by social standards from acting on them. That is like going to the lion exhibit at the zoo and waving around a beef roast on a rope. It is harassment. It is sexual harassment. And there are some of us guys out here who have very unsatisfying sex lives who are being tortured by your behavior. Its just mean!! What is this? Revenge against men for previous repression. I support women's rights and I am all for free sexual expression by both sexes. Prudishness is not the point. Fairness is.

My point is....some guys don't take it that way. It both hurts them and puts you in mild-to-moderate danger. Before you ask....yes I know how to take a joke,,,intellectually, But my heart really doesn't know the differnce between romantic interest and a joke. Down deep, it hurts, I don't know how to prove that it is true for others. In fact, most men would probably deny it for fear of looking too sensitive, But its true for me.

Just something to keep in mind.

I think that in a lot of ways, just being friendly is considered flirting, as I said, I am the same with men and women alike. If I give someone an invitation to MORE then they are well aware of it. If you believe that someone being NICE to you is considered an invitation for sex, then that is on you not on me or any other woman.

Yeah....I guess you nailed me. The fact is that I live such a sexually repressed life that any little prod is like a dagger. That is my problem, not yours. I still think women don't know what they are opening themselves up for but that assumes a rather cynical view of most men. Another problem for me is my personality fits in somewhere on the Asperger's-Autism spectrum (ala Tempy Brennan on BONES) so decoding the flirting message can be difficult. I also guess I am envious of flirters. I wish I could enjoy that sort of fun without being a little frightened by it.

Being a straight forward kind of person myself, I suggest you stop trying to "decode" and just ask. "Hey, are you flirting with me with intention, or are you just being friendly?" I would answer honestly, if I was asked...

The problem is.....I don't really want to know....either way! Either I couldn't bear the rejection and embarrassment or I might be faced with a dilemma I can't handle.

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Hi Girl,
I love to flirt, and I've never met a man I didn't like.
Dolly Parton

LOL!!! Flirting is fun stuff girlfriend. :)

It's all good clean fun...makes one feel good about themselves, whether their giving or receiving( so to speak)

Smiles and hugs are a double payoff! Good for you, good for them too!