Neighbor Girl

There is an very cut girl that lives next door. Blond hair, blue eyes, dynamite body and super intelegent. She is now 18. When we go on vacation she watches our pets. I have her over the house before we go away and when we come home to give her instrustions and pay her. She usually comes over when I am alone at home. She always gets dressed up before coming over and looks fine. I do my best to just give her the instructions, but she always wants to talk standing very close. Sometimes she stays for 1/2 hour our so and we chat, but there is this look in her eyes that she knows she drives me nuts!! I wonder if she is playing with me or she has a mutual attraction. I think a little bit of both. I wouldn't go behind my wifes back with another woman, but damn this one is difficult!!
justwanafuntime justwanafuntime
5 Responses Jan 23, 2013

It's "hard" to resist isn't it?

even if she's playing with you it can be fun. Just be careful and don't assume she is doing anything more than just enjoying the power than young girls have.

Don't go behind your wives back. Make it a three some if you can. Drop more hints and see if your neighbor takes the bait and hits on you more.

Definitely tell your wife. maybe a FMF 3 way ! good luck !

Sometimes it is fun to just window shop.