I like to flirt it turns me on !
Greeneyes21 Greeneyes21
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Love you babe !

What about it turns you on?
What about you is a turn on?
What is about to turn you on?
What on you is.........?
(insert wicked sexy inquisitive suggestive Playful seductive smile)

You turn me on !

Happy to make you happy my lady.
Tell me more if it pleases you.
(insert sexy wicked amused smile)

Lick me my love !


Your name is on the tip of my tounge.

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Flirting is so natural form of expressing to others the abundance of self confidence from within................also the excitement expressing sensuality, a thrilling sensation very social innocent interaction between two persons , a way to find others you connect positive , a lovely smile, sensual glance, sometimes a light touch , nice direct eye contact, lovely so much more........................for sure a way to meet and sometimes make friends just pass on by knowing you feeling good....................

You are so right on, I could not have said it better my self .

Mmmm, there's nothing like a good tease! Especially while enjoying a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. I'll bet you could be a lot of fun at a wine tasting.......

Yum your sexy ! ;)

me too...but I haven't been too elaborate with my flirting skills, all I remember was trying to flirt with some salesman in a shoe store,,, it worked

Very sexy ! :)


mm I love a flirt. I may just add you as a friend yet. You do not have one photo. Normally I don't add friends without photos and stories.


And do you go off when you r turned on ?

Sounds enjoyable :)

Oh, It is,hugs!:)

I hope a lovely smile comes with the hug :)

Of course !

A woman after my own heart ;-)

Wonderful !:)

Wanna be friends? I'll add you....and let the flirting commence ;-)

I like older woman.

We'll send me a line

lovely - I like a fun naughty girl who loves to do that!

Good, I'm glad ! :)

so, that describes you perfectly, does it? ;)

So lets flirt.

Yes, sexy !

What makes you think I am sexy? Anyway, new to long distance flirting.

I'm sorry, but that ******* response XD "What makes you think I'm sexy?"

Desire your body.....Want you....

And now it's not funny anymore. See, this is why I unfriended you. You have a one-track mind.

Everybody has right to do whatever pleases them.

It pleases psychopaths to hurt others :P

I was not aware I hurt you, I apologize if I did.

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While I normally do flirt to much but if she has red hair w/ green eyes and wears jeans then man look out just might try some thing nnew. LOL

Yeh, baby !

I knew she was there,how is my sweety.

Good, Thanks Hug and Kiss !

Hugs & kiss to you as well w/ and big smile.

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Your a sexy man !

Love your sexy green eyes

same here

Sexy! :)

Me too, it turns me on also!

I enjoy it too. Would you flirt with this married man?

I'll bet you are good at flirting too.

I am, meow!

Wow, I would never have guess that about you Greeneyes *winks*

Hug+ kisses

I think flirting is sexy!

Flirting is like the caress of a butterfly ... warm, colorful and so tender ... among the flowers of summer ...

Your so sexy, baby!

*blushing again*

Don't stop !

I just know that I love to do it all day !

I agree!!

What kind of trouble did you get into ?

I can get into a lot of trouble!!!!!!

Trouble is my last name!

Have you consider adding me ?

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