I Do Really Love To Flirt.....

I do really love to flirt.... but it always turns out wrong.

As you probably have expected from me, I love to flirt. Not only with boys/girls my own age but also younger and older.

But it always goes wrong:

Younger boys: I love to flirt with younger boys, most of them are not so used beeing flirted, so they react very pure and very nice... only some of them end up adoring me.... not what should be happening...

Younger girls: Ofcourse I be very carefull and only flirt with younger girls that I know very well, so they are not the reason for problems... the boys around them always act like I'm stealing their potential  brides....

Boys my age: flirting makes them fall in love... and that is what not should happen of course.... being in love is nice, but it spoils flirting.

Girls my age: Always think you want a one night stand....

Older men: They get horny even if you smile at them. The problem is that they do act upon it, I have been grabbed by my *** or **** very often....

Older woman: if they are straight they don't notice it at all..can be fun ;-)  Lesbians think that you want a long term relation at once....


So why do I keep in flirting? Because it can be so much fun.....


linda linda
26-30, F
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I am 61 old and I flirt but never physical . I think verbal and not over the top is good for all ages . In my job I deal with ladies all the time and it feels good to give flirty comment ;)

Isn't it fun and a rush ? :)

<p>What happens if someone accepts <br />
Your flirt<br />
And then turns it right back at you?</p><p>How does it make you feel?<br />
Then what do you do?</p><p>Do you grow all warm inside?<br />
And instantly fall in love.</p><p>Or do you get uncomfortable?<br />
And give them a shove</p><p>Do think about sex?<br />
Then what happens next?</p><p>Do you look for intent?<br />
Of what is truly ment</p><p>If it's a girl?<br />
Does she make your toes curl?</p><p>And if it's a boy?<br />
Does it bring you some joy?</p><p>If it's a man?<br />
Do you have a plan?</p><p>If it's a lesbian?<br />
Does she make you feel like a woman?</p><p>What do you do?<br />
If a flirt flirts with you?</p><p>If you can't take it <br />
Then don't dish it out<br />
That is what flirting<br />
Is all about</p><p>------- Poetic Play 2/27/2013 ----------</p>

I would love to flirt with you. I am shawn from canada. Contact me at shaawn2001@yahoo.ca
I am 41

Older men: They get horny even if you smile at them.<br />
<br />
This probably fits me pretty well.... But don't expect me to grab your........<br />
However, I probably would try to answer you with something provocative.....<br />
<br />
Not that I would not like to grab your........

Linda, your thoughts are deep for your age, I like that. Sounds like you enjoy the intimate flirting that makes you feel good as a woman.

i totally agree with you, i flirt all the time, i do it because im in a ****** marriage, even been sleeping on my own in my room for over a year, i do it because it feels good and makes me feel wanted. i wont lie it does turn me on sometimes but i never push anything, i flirt with anyone especially if she happens to be married too

It helps in life (pragmatic side), it helps for sex (sexual, loving and amazingly hot side lol)<br />
<br />
Flirty kiss<br />
<br />

Flirt with mee

i love it. I'm a flirt %100

I love to flirt. It has resulted in some of the greatest sex I have ever had.

Great response! With two people 'click' the free flow of erotic feelings, images and experiences exchanged between to people is often funner than the real thing.... the reason is there is freedom to be ourselves without fear of judgement. When a woman feels connected to a man that turns her on, there is no greater sexual experence in ones life....

flirt with me anytime sister,you just may like it.

I'm sorry that men my age cant behave. They make life tough for the rest of us...

yes, that is exactly what happens....