Yes I Do Buuuut,

only online! i'm not really very good at it either but i do enjoy flirting here for the most part. Now in real life it is an entirely different story. I have a hard time just talking to a lady in real life so flirting is pretty much out of the question. Even when i'm drinking i get really nervous and tongue tied, i stutter a lot as well. I guess that is probably a good thing cause lets face it most ladies wouldn't want me flirting with them any way.

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i think most of it is pretty corny LOL

i've reread some of the things you've said too and it was pretty good! lol

i don't really think i'm very good at it here i've gone back and reread some things i've said and i'm amazed i have any friends here LOL besides here you don't hear the stuttering when i get nervous

you listen to california, she's right. as well as u do it here, i can't believe you're not as successful offline.

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! thanks california wish it were true LOL

Rick, any girl would want to flirt with a hot guy like you..

best line i ever gave anyone was when a woman in a bar got bumped into by a drunk she fell right into my lap started apologizing profusely and i told her not to worry that a pretty lady like her could fall into my lap any time. (yeah i actually got that all out before i started stuttering) she turned looked at me called me a pervert and walked away! that is how my luck usually goes

nude-i've never been told no....i've been given dirty looks i've been laughed at (not with) and i've been flat out ignored but i've never been told no usually they won't talk to me at all<br />
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pix-i agree online is easier it doesn't hurt as much when they ignore me cause i can't see the look of disgust in their eyes<br />
<br />
chris-i agree you can tell how they are taking it better in person but the reactions i get i'd rather not be able to see<br />
<br />
d10-maybe i'll be better at it when i'm 90 and don't remember why i'm flirting LOL<br />
<br />
cannon-i've seen that look along with disgust, anger, i usually just get ignored and on one occasion i was laughed at (that one hurt)<br />
<br />
flour-i don't have many good days at anything i don't remember ever having a good day flirting<br />
<br />
hunny-i think when you can't even finish a sentence it is no longer flattering just annoying. truth is i never really know what to say. i may think something sounds funny till i start to say it then it just sounds stupid to me.

Pixelirta I know that if we were in a room together at a party you would flirt me into sheer ecstasy!

I think when I notice a guy getting nurvous; it is quite flattering!Take some of the pressure off yourself Rick. I am sure you do just fine , in the world of flirts!

everybody has there good days and bad days at anything!

I flirt constantly. I find it easier in person. You can judge by reactions if it is being taken well. Online, you never know if you're going to far...

Flirt? No...not you....never... lol

I've forgotten how to's been so many years that I have been out of the dating game. I think it's probably like anything else, the more you practice the better you get!! I do ok online but I'm a mess in real life lol!! :-)

Firs, rick, love yourself. Secondly know that if you are rejecting you the one losing is them not you, third, flirting is based on you saying nice tings to others with a possible double entendre. I know you can do it because you have heard no before and it is the worst that can happen here. Go for it!

yes it is easier online. i have found rejection hurts a lot less here LOL<br />
<br />
i think i might be a part of that group as well LOL

Awww Rick, I have a feeling that last part's not true =D But I know exactly what you mean - I'm absolutely rubbish at flirting... to the point where I'm not a member of this group, but I am a member of the "I Don't Know How To Flirt" group! Probably explains why I've been single FOREVER. It is a lot easier online though, isn't it?