My Typical Luck

ok i shared this experience in a comment on a seperate story but i think it deserves its own story. this illustrates my experience and typical luck with flirting.

a little over a year ago i was in a bar listening to a band it was quite crowded and a lady who was walking from the bathroom back to her seat was bumped into by a drunk and she literally fell into my lap. she started apologizing profusely and i said "don't worry about it, a pretty lady like you can fall into my lap any time" i thought this was fairly witty, she called me a pervert and walked away. now i'll be the first to admit i'm a bit of a pervert but i don't see how my comment could have given her that idea it was just an attempt at humor and a compliment. i guess i'm just not cut out for flirting, i'm willing to bet if i had the body and looks of a movie star she never would have said that and probably would have stayed in my lap

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no I think she is just mean or maybe she was married or something because that was a god pick up line.

i think sometimes i must give off an air that i am unapproachable or dangerous or something cause i have had a ton of bad experiences with women. i've been laughed at for asking a woman to dance, i have had women get up and walk away when i ask if i can buy them a drink (didn't even get a no thank you), i don't understand what causes these reactions. i understand them not being interested if they at least let me talk to them.

Rick it isn't you. Some people just can't see the humor in such comments.<br />
I assure you that there are just as many out there who do share your wit. lol

i only hang out with one these days (she hasn't figured out she can do better yet)

Rick that was a sweet comment see this is why i don't hang with alot of women

That is an option too! lol

nope i'll just laugh and leave her *** laying there i give up

Yes and you can use a new line - "Wow, that look like it hurt, can I help you up?" Then she can answer you and give you the immediate path to follow, if the answer is no, just walk away and if it is yes, then take it from there!

if i ever see a woman fall again i think i'll move and let her hit the ground

your probably right. You can say something to one girl and she will be flattered yet if you said the same thing to another girl shes offended.