Who Me???

Yes flirting is a BLAST! With men and women. I just love it and play it so well. Be it a story or on the phone or even in the car... It's the best! When someone pulls up next to you and your eating or drinking something... to just glance over from the corner of your eye as you lick your fingers or maybe at a stop light while painting on that lip stick w/ the little brush. It's great to see ppl watching you, so attentive and "into" it. Oh what a turn on... I am a big flirt and I love it!!! It just feels good from both sides, knowing that someone thinks enough of you to include them in your game... a smile, sticking your tongue out, blowing a kiss... oh and a personal favorite, bending over to pick something up. hehe  I try to make EVERYONE in my world feel special as they should be. We all desire the attention and I love giving it. :P



**had to add

Walking into a store and holding the door open for an elderly guy, shoot for any guy, and just giving a wink or "hi handsome" ... It's great to be flirted with... just makes you feel good!

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hahahaha ...i love it. I'm a flirt %100

Lol! You have some balls because there's creazy guys all over i tell you, about a month ago i went to the pool with my kids my son found a friend from school so i said hi to the dad and i was nice, but i guess he though something else was going on now i see him everywhere winking at me. Never again lol!

You got it. you make guys melt, i'm sure of it.

good t see u saying it LOUD..<br />
njy it ..live it ...keep it !!

And you do it well my friend (flirting). How are you ? I am glad you are feeling amused today. I find a simple conversation with someone new is the best time to be flirtatious. The fact that you don't know them, Then 5 minutes later you are both smiling and laughing,,, It is a wonderful feeling.